Games like Clash Royale You Must Download Immediately

games like clash Royale

Do you love the fun you get by playing online games like Clash Royale? Downloading strategy games like Clash Royale on the Google Play store, and iOS is the favourite time pass for many folks. This is an amazing game that combines different elements of battle, strategy, card games, and more. The outstanding popularity of this game has made Google Play stores, and iPhone stores swapped with games like Clash Royale. In the list of these games, some games are very useful, but others can be a sheer waste of time. That’s why, we have prepared a list of games like Clash Royale, and we know that you will stick to this list to save your time.

Games like Clash Royale- Bookmark these 5 Games

Clash Royale, developed and published by Supercell, has become a sensation in the mobile gaming world. Sometimes, when people have spent enough time playing this online game, they get bored. Therefore, they often explore similar games to Clash Royale. If you feel crazy about doing so, let’s explore these games together.

1) Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans, developed by Supercell shares some similar thematic elements. This online video game is set in a fantasy world, where players build and upgrade their villages. In this game, players can attack another village with troops and focus on building their resources. Players can join together to create clans. 

These clans can hold up to a maximum of 50 people, who are eligible to participate in the clan wars. They can also either donate or receive the troops. The members of “Clash of Clans” can also chat with each other to pursue the game effectively.

Similarities between Clash of Clans and Clash Royale

  • Both games are set on the theme of multiple players joining and creating clans.
  • In Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, you and Clash Royale, you learn to manage the resources effectively.
  • “Supercell” has developed both games and these games are set in the same fantasy world, featuring characters, troops, and buildings from the same universe.

2) X-War Clash of Zombies

Clash of Zombies

 X-War Clash of Zombies is another popular game that is similar to the “Clash Royale.” This is a strategy game that combines diverse elements of base building, resource management, and battles with Zombies. In this game, players construct and upgrade their bases. The players also fortify various defensive structures to save themselves from these “Zombie attacks.” 

In this game, players should manage resources such as food, energy, and materials to expand their base and give proper training to the different troops.

Similarities between X-War Clash of Zombies and Clash Royale

  • Both are mobile strategy games where players plan and strategize to achieve victory.
  • Just like Clash Royale, X-War Clash of Zombies also includes many multiplayer aspects. For example, Clash Royale’s primary focus is on real-time players and player battles. While the other game includes different multiplayer strategies through alliances and cooperative play.
  • Both games focus on effective resource management. In Clash Royale, people use “elixir for the deployment of cards, while X-War Clash of Zombies includes base building and resource training.

3) Hearthstone

Games like Clash Royale

“Hearthstone” is one of the best games like “Clash Royale” that all game lovers can play online. Published by “Blizzard, this game offers many similarities to Clash of Clan. In this game, players take the role of potent “Heroes” from the “Warcraft Universe”. Further moving, players also build a “deck of cards” to battle against each other.

Heroes in this game are the central characters, and their abilities can influence gameplay. , Decks comprise 30 cards that players choose right before the game starts. This game is based on the mana system and players will have to start with one mana and can get up to 10 only.

Similarities between Hearthstone and Clash Royale

  • Hearthstone and Clash Royale both involve collecting and upgrading cards. However, there is a difference in the strategy of collecting cards. In Hearthstone, players garner cards to build decks, while in Clash Royale, players collect the cards to strengthen the units.
  • Both games are developed around the idea of in-game currency and progression systems as well. For example, in both games, players earn rewards and acquire new cards.
  • In Hearthstone, players manage mana resources, whereas in Clash Royale players manage Elixir to deploy units. Hence, both games teach their players effective resource management.

4) Clash Mini

Games like Clash Royale

Clash Mini, is another fun game that you will love to play. This game is also developed by Supercell and carries many intriguing elements like Clash Royale-like battle aspects. In this game, players get units like minis and they will place them on “mini boards” to battle the components. It has many similarities with Clash Royale.

Similarities between Clash Mini and Clash Royale

  • Clash Mini has similar game dynamics as Clash Royale
  • Both games let their players learn how to effectively manage the resources.
  • Clash Royale and Clash Mini have similar battle aspects.

5) Card Wars Kingdom

Games like Clash Royale

 “Cartoon Network” has developed and published this strategy mobile game. This game is based on the “Card Wars episode” from the animated TV series “Adventure Time.” It is a collectible card game where different players build decks of creatures and spell the cards to engage in battle. Here players engage in battles on a grid-like battlefield that is quite similar to a strategy board. This game is the top priority of online players when they surf “Games like Clash Royale.”  

Similarities between Card Wars Kingdom and Clash Royale

  • Both games work on the mechanics of a card-based system. In the Card Wars kingdom, players garner and use creatures and spell cards in battles. In Clash Royale, players use cards to deploy units and spells in real-time battles.
  • Card War Kingdoms and Clash Royale both feature multi-player competitions.
  • Strategic thinking and deck games are crucial aspects of both games.
  • Both games have an in-game currency and progression system.


We have summed up these games for you as the top alternatives. These will entertain you if you find that you have played Clash Royale enough and now, you want a change. Go to the Play Store and download these games so that you get a fair idea of playing these games like Clash Royale. Happy playing! 



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