10 Gbit/s or Truth about Unmetered Servers


Website hosting is the basis for stable operation and popularity of your project among potential clients. Your attitude to hosting should be built in parallel with your attitude to your own site. Trusting the choice of hosting to chance, you can do great harm to your site. Therefore, a meaningful and balanced decision on the preference of a particular hosting offer should give an impetus to the comprehensive development of your site.

Unmetered Servers

Unlimited hosting implies the unlimited number of resources provided by your hosting provider. The absence of restrictions includes the following hosting parameters:

  •   unlimited storage;
  •   unlimited traffic volume;
  •   unlimited number of mailboxes;
  •   unlimited number of hosted domains.

Unlimited storage allows you to host everything you want to see on your site. It can be both video/audio files, games or flash content. Unlimited hard drive gives you freedom when filling your project with any necessary information. In such a case, you don’t worry that there may not be enough space for something.

Traffic is the amount of information transmitted on the Net. In relation to the visitor to whom some certain information is delivered upon arrival on your site, it’s incoming traffic, and in relation to the server – it’s outgoing. There is a lot of debate in our time whether unlimited traffic is real or it’s a marketing fiction. It’s impossible to answer unequivocally. Unlimited traffic is possible if your hosting company is the owner of broadband Internet access. As a result, a provider offers unlimited bandwidth to his customers.

On the other hand, traffic still has a limit. It’s all about the bandwidth that the hosting company has. This state of affairs is designed to ensure that your website won’t be able to jump the traffic mark set by the provider. This is what the whole system of “anlima” is built on. 

Speaking about the unlimited number of hosted domains and mailboxes, the possibilities of unlimited hosting will meet the expectations of customers. With the help of an unlimited number of websites created, the user will be able to improve his business by introducing new projects and thereby attract more users.

Advantages of Unlimited Server

In addition to the previously mentioned unlimited possibilities of this type of hosting, many providers pay special attention to their system equipment. In general, abandwidth has the following benefits:

  1.   Rating companies with unlimited hosting often have the latest equipment with reliable data centers.
  2.   The level of support on the unlimited tariff is high.
  3.   The user of an unlimited hosting tariff gets freedom of action which allows, without looking at the limits, to develop his project and make a profit from it.

Unlimited hosting is suitable for commercial projects and corporate websites. However, small cheap unlimited hosting for news resources or even unlimited blogs may also fit. Besides, hosting with unlimited possibilities is suitable for webmasters who have a fairly large collection of sites, and the number is steadily growing. Then unlimited access gives more opportunities to manage these sites under one hosting. 

Final Words

All in all, server rental depends on you. Unlimited hosting is the choice of every webmaster who cares about his resource and strives to develop it even in the conditions of serious competition. In addition, the unlimited hosting tariff is convenient and reliable; it doesn’t impose limits, for example, on the amount of downloaded information or traffic. 


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