How to Cure Gum Disease without a Dentist- Effective Treatments

how to cure gum disease without a dentist

One fine morning, you wake up and find that your gums feel puffy and swollen. Take it: gum disease has entered the realm of your oral health. Oops! How awkward this feeling is. Well, whether you accept it or not, gum disease is a harsh reality of the present oral regime, and this disease has pervaded the world.

The facts and figures from the National Library of Medicine say that approximately 47.2% of adults have some form of gum disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Medicine also confirm that Periodontal disease increases with age. The CDC reports that 70.1% of adults who are 65 years of age or older suffer from Periodontal disease. The presence of gum disease also leads to tooth loss or tooth decay. After understanding the alarming situation of gum disease, curing it is extremely vital for us. In this blog post, we will cover how to cure gum disease without a dentist.

How to Cure Gum Disease without a Dentist-Bookmark 9 Tips

Gum disease also known as “Periodontal disease” starts with a discomfort in your mouth. The swollen gums, and spitting blood after brushing are some evident signs of periodontal disease. These apparent signs show that you are going through the initial stage of gum disease. Let’s brief you about How to cure Gum disease without a Dentist.

1) Sip Green Tea

Sipping green tea is not only beneficial for your physical fitness, but it also helps treat periodontal disease. We all know that gum disease starts with the proliferation of bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria is also responsible for swollen gums. Sipping green tea can provide you with huge relief as it contains a blend of antioxidants and antibacterial properties. It helps reduce the inflammation of the gums. It also contains polyphenols that can reduce swelling in the gums and promote good oral health.

2) Aloe Vera

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a perfect gem in skincare. Its soothing and healing properties show that it is also helpful in promoting great oral care. According to a study published by Richard Sudworth aloe vera is very effective in treating gum disease. It is helpful in the treatment of gum disease and it acts as an antiseptic in gum pockets. The use of Sudworth, aloe vera is extremely helpful in treating gingivitis and periodontitis.

3) Drink Plenty of Water

It is a great blessing that if your gum disease is in the essential stage, you can prevent it by taking small measures. For example, drinking plenty of water will reduce the swelling of your gums and will help improve your health. In an article published by the University of Illinois at Chicago, the relationship between drinking water and oral health is effectively explained.

Apart from this, a study published in the MDPI journal also indicates that sufficient water intake reduces painful gum swelling and is efficient in treating periodontal disease. Drinking more water is an elixir for keeping your gum clean and rooting out the food debris.

4) Salt Water

Do you want to explore further how to cure gum disease without a dentist? Getting back to basics will certainly help in this case. Saltwater is a great disinfectant that will help you to reduce the infection of germs in your mouth. So, it is the best choice to sip salt water and spit it out at least 3 to 4 times a day. It will also help to eliminate the bacteria that cause gum disease.

5) Consume Healthy Diet

Making certain positive lifestyle changes can also make our oral health effective. For example, taking a healthy diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce gum infection and improve periodontal health. Apart from this, you should also enrich your gum health by consuming green-lefty vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts, and fatty fish. This nutrient-rich food will help us in improving our gum health in the long run.

6) Reduce Dental Plaque

How to cure gum disease without a dentist

Several research studies have proved that dental plaque is responsible for Periodontal disease. Therefore, to reduce gum infection and improve oral health, it is the best solution to reduce dental plaque. To reduce dental plaque, you must brush at least twice a day effectively with the right technique.  But before brushing you should floss your teeth as it helps you to get rid of food particles stuck in your mouth.

Always use a dentist-recommended toothbrush. If you always do so, always ensure to use a great quality toothbrush. Ensure to replace your toothbrush every 3 months so that you can ensure sound gum health. These small tips will help you to get rid of gum swelling, and infection.

7) Opt for Hydrogen Peroxide

how to cure gum disease without a dentist

If you want to know how to cure gum disease without a dentist, you must start some in-house treatments. You can ask a pharmacist to give you a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide in a 3 percent solution. Once you get the solution, dilute it with 50 percent water to achieve the desired consistency. Using this solution will reduce swelling in your gums and improve your gum health. If you feel that your gum disease is at the initial stage, we will recommend you use a hydrogen peroxide solution.

8) Turmeric Paste

How to cure gum disease without a dentist


One of the wonderful remedies for treating gum infection and swelling in gums is turmeric paste. We have seen that accumulation of dental plaque in teeth can lead to the formation of gingivitis, and if it is left untreated, it can lead to inflammation of gums, and gum diseases. If you expect a quick and effective treatment for your gum issues, apply turmeric paste on the affected area, recovery will be at a speedy pace.

9) Opt for Sage Mouthwash

How to cure gum disease without a dentist

Many researchers have favored that using sage mouthwash can help you to reduce plaque, and hence, in turn, it will also aid you in the reduction of gum disease at a considerable level. To prepare it take sage either fresh or dried, put them in boiling water for a few minutes, then strain it with the help of a sieve, and then store it in a bottle. Rinse your mouth with this mouthwash at least twice daily.

10) Use Baking Soda

baking soda

Baking soda is used in many recipes, but only a few people are aware that using baking soda can also help treat gum infections. It is quite useful in eliminating bacteria that help in the proliferation of gum disease, and it can also neutralize acids that cause infection.

Concluding Lines

We hope that now you have understood every bit of information about how to cure gum disease without a dentist. Even after applying the above-mentioned remedies, if you find no change in your current status quo regarding gums, visiting a dentist can help you in treating your gum infection. Always take precautionary measures at the beginning of periodontitis so that you can prevent this disease from spreading at an alarming rate. Last but not least, keep visiting a dentist as a last resort.


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