How to Change Twitter Handle- A Step-by-Step Guide

how to change twitter handle

Every social media platform has its own set of perks and limitations. Twitter is also not an exception. When back in 2006, Twitter was introduced by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams, it was initially a personal branding platform. Later on, it also benefited multiple business platforms. The users of Twitter have observed that having a misaligned brand name for their business on Twitter can hamper their reputation to a great extent. Therefore, as per key changes in the Twitter algorithm, we should know how to change a Twitter handle. If you do not know the details, let’s dig into them swiftly.

Want to Know How to Change Your Twitter Handle? Read More

Want to Know How to Change Your Twitter Handle

People often get confused about their Twitter handle and display name when they are all set to change their Twitter handle. A display name is a name that you choose for your profile. As against it, the Twitter handle is a name that appears in your profile URL. Your Twitter handle will start with @ symbol. If you want to know how to change your Twitter handle, you should go through the following steps. If you want to change the Twitter handle, you can either change it from your Android device or iPhone as well. Apart from this, you can also use a desktop to change the Twitter handle.

How to Change Twitter Handle From a Desktop?

If you have a desktop and want to log in and change your Twitter handle from a desktop, you must follow the below-mentioned process. 

  1. Open your desktop and from your Chrome browser visit the Twitter website and enter

2.  You will see the option of entering your user name, phone or email. Enter whatever you have used to log in to the credentials of your Twitter handle.

3.  Now enter the password and you will be able to access your Twitter account.

4.  In this step, scroll the left-hand side menu. Here you will see the option of “ More”. Just click on this option, and you will view another option for settings and privacy.

5.  Once you have completed the above process, just click on the account section and go to the account information section.

6.  Now, Twitter will ask you to confirm your profile password and do as directed to navigate the Twitter handle further.

7.  Go to the username section and once you click there you will be able to change your username.

8.  For changing your user name you should follow some guidelines. Always align your brand presence with your Twitter handle. Choosing a random name for your Twitter handle will not be adequate to establish a renowned brand presence.

9. Keep the name of your Twitter handle extremely short. The maximum limit of characters in your Twitter handle is 280. Also, avoid adding numerals or numbers in your Twitter handle name.

By following this process, you can learn how to change your Twitter handle.

How to Change Twitter Handle Using Your Android Device?

How to Change Twitter Handle Using Your Android Device


If you have an Android device, you will have to follow a series of sequential steps to change your Twitter handle. Let’s know the process step by step.

  •  Open your Android device and install the Twitter app.
  • Now, go to the settings and privacy, and here you will see the account option, simply tap on it.
  • In the next step, tap on Twitter, and then change your username as per the guidelines of Twitter.
  • Now, click on new, and enter a new Twitter handle in the respective field.
  • Click on Ok and save changes. Congratulations, your Twitter handle name has been successfully changed.

How to Change Twitter Handle from an i-Phone, i-Pad, or else i-Pad Touch?

How to Change Twitter Handle from an i-Phone

  • If you have an iPhone or any other iOS device, open the Twitter app from this iOS device.
  • Open your profile page on Twitter by visiting the bottom of your screen. Now tap on the option me for accessing your Twitter account.
  • If you have completed the above-mentioned step, tap on edit, and enter a new user name.
  • Now, click on done and you have successfully changed the name of your Twitter handle.
  • If after changing your Twitter handle, you want to change your Twitter profile name as well, you must click on the option to change or alter the name.
  • Now, enter a new name, and then, after that tap on done.

After following these step-by-step processes you have successfully nailed down the process of how to change your Twitter handle.

The Nutshell:

We hope that now you are clear about how to change your Twitter handle. Twitter offers diverse steps if you want to change your Twitter handle from a desktop, android device, or else iOS. If you have a business profile your Twitter handle is a representation of your business identity. With a change of Twitter handle, Twitter also provides a great option of impersonating your business profile to stop stealing your account information. So, we hope that next time, you are well acquainted with the process of changing your Twitter handle.


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