8 Things on Your Dating Profile That You Should Avoid

Your Dating Profile

A funny quote, an important detail about your creative hobbies, some idea of ​​your personality type — these are all pieces of information on your dating profile that could very well induce other users of the dating app to choose you. 

You may know what things can attract matches, but do you know what not to include in your profile? Your profile on Ladadate — Russian brides should provide an accurate and engaging picture of who you are and encourage others to get to know you more.

Since what you write and your pictures can have a major impact on your success, experts agree that it is crucial to consider carefully what to add and not add to your profile. First impressions are our everything, and this applies both to dating apps and to life.

There is no right or wrong approach to your profile on a dating platform, the crucial thing is to customize it to fit you. However, if you need additional instructions, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Criticism and Complaints

Negativeness can indicate that you are burned out, angry, or pessimistic — these are unlikely qualities that can inspire someone to write to you. Research has shown that optimists are generally considered more attractive than pessimists. If you are thinking about something negative, turn it into a positive one. For example, change “I’m not interested in womanizers” to “I’m looking for a serious relationship.”

  • Too Many Emojis

Emoticons can add personality to your profile, but use them moderately. Not everyone interprets all emoticons the same way, so your potential partners may misunderstand you. And even if someone can figure out what you want to convey, it will probably take too much time and effort, which can lead to frustration, and eventually that someone will swipe to the left.

The goal is to get someone’s attention in a short amount of time. Too many emojis make your eyes glaze over because no one wants to decipher each of them. If you are going to use emojis, use them sparingly, not just one long list.

  • Pictures with Exes

Let’s say you found a stunning picture of yourself, but it just so happened that your ex is also in this shot. Experts say it is best not to upload such photos to your profile on a dating app. There is always a chance that your potential partner can either assume that it is your ex or ask directly who it is, in which case things can go wrong. Or worse, a picture like this can make it clear that you haven’t forgotten your ex. What new partner wants to be compared to your ex, and that also suggests that this person is still a part of your life.

But what if you really like this picture? In this case, simply blur or crop the ex’s face. Just use common sense. If it is a group picture with other people, it is likely okay. But if it is a romantic getaway, and it is just you and your ex in the picture, it is best not to add it — even if you really look amazing.

  • Requirements and Demands

If you want to present it in a humorous manner, do so. But if you are planning to seriously enunciate your standards, you might want to think twice. When you write something like “must be at least 180 cm tall” or “don’t bother me if you have a cat,” potential partners can automatically exclude you for fear of rejection. Moreover, you may seem a one-ideaed and narrow-minded person.

The point of the description is to provide the topics in the form of a cheat sheet so that potential partners can start a conversation. So, do not waste valuable space talking about things you do not want to happen. Use this space to help the other person interact with you. 

If you really do not want to date someone over a certain age or under a certain height, take advantage of the features and filters built into certain apps and sites. Thus, you will be shown only those profiles that match your preferences.

match your preferences

  • Group Pictures Only

Having one or two group pictures can provide insight into your social life. But experts warn that if all of your photos are with other people, it can seriously make it hard for other users to understand who you are. That is why it is advised to make sure that you have at least one picture of just you on your profile — ideally the first or second. No one will waste time looking for you in the group picture.

  • Outright Lie

It may be tempting to misrepresent the truth a bit, but experts agree that it can do more harm than good. Whether you are claiming that you are younger or taller than you really are, or pretending to have a more impressive job, your potential partner will inevitably eventually find out the truth — and then they are bound to have serious trust issues.

This is not exactly what is needed to start a relationship right. Do not waste your or someone else’s time on lies. Of course, you can get more attention and matches, but for the wrong reasons. For instance, you specify in your profile settings that you are 165 cm tall so that people who filter by height can see you. In this case, it is crucial to clarify your biography, indicating something like “In fact, my height is 154 cm, I just didn’t want you to miss me.”

  • Cliché

If a stranger can also write this on their profile, these are too general phrases. They don’t tell others anything about you. Instead, write about the things that make you who you are. Focus on the hobbies, skills, talents, and interests that make you stand out.

  • Too Much Personal Information

For security reasons, it is best not to post redundant information on your dating profile. You should not include your phone number, address, or other contact information in the description. You may prefer to be even more careful, and will not indicate the educational institution where you study or the company where you work until you know the person a little better. Not only that, leaving room for imagination can really pique interest to you. Let someone be curious.



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