Health Benefits of Kava

Health Benefits of Kava

The market for dietary supplements is vast, and the number of products is growing day by day. In the last few decades, western countries are learning about beneficial plants from remote Pacific islands. One of those that attract a lot of attention is Kava (check more information on its origin and about health benefits of kava)

The people of the South Pacific have known about Kava benefits for centuries. But for them, it’s more than a medicinal plant. Its drinking is more like a ritual, a symbol of gathering and tradition. 

The number of beneficial compounds in Kava is large, but some of them have psychoactive properties. That can cause confusion among users and call into question the legality of its use. This plant can have mind-altering and euphoric effects, but only if taken in large quantities and without medical supervision. Otherwise, it can be a very beneficial herbal supplement.

Mild Sedative

Kava is a popular supplement used to combat stress and its effects on your mind and body. This plant’s mild sedative effects can be a fast solution whenever you need relief and relaxation. You can take it as a pill, a powder added to food or drinks, or as a processed beverage. 

Research suggests that Kava can help ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. It’s also compelling for relieving neural pain and boosting energy levels. It can be taken as an alternative to prescription anti-anxiety drugs, but only if your doctor allows that. This supplement is highly beneficial but only if taken under supervision.

So make sure you keep your physician posted about taking this supplement. If you’re worried about possible side effects, you can discuss trying smaller doses at a time to find out how Kava works for you. Also, consider consuming it in its original form as tea. You can steep it in fresh or powdered form. As its extracts are diluted, that will reduce the risks of side effects. 

Sleep Improvement

Sleep Improvement

Regular consumption of this supplement in any form leads to better sleep. Unlike most sleeping pills, Kava can bring you a restful and deep sleep without any risk of addiction or side effects. It’s tightly connected to its favorable action on dopamine levels without acting on brain function.

In a recent study on this herb, people with insomnia reported better sleep quality and less discomfort after its regular usage. As already said, Kava has a positive effect on the body and mind because it relaxes both muscles and nerves. That’s how it eases fatigue and promotes a good night’s sleep. But if you have realistic dreams and intense experiences during sleep, you may need to cut the dose. 

Dosed Euphoria

The active substances in some types of Kava have some sedative-like properties, but they don’t hit the central nervous system directly. They don’t affect the brain function but act on dopamine levels.  That’s how they cause certain euphoria, but it’s a mild and highly desirable effect. 

It has been observed that people who consume Kava are more cheerful, in a better mood, and more resistant to everyday stress. Users testify to an enjoyable feeling of relaxation that is not like when they take sedatives. They don’t feel sleepy and lethargic but awake and joyful. It’s a state of peace that allows clarity of thought and high alertness.

Treat Pain

Treat Pain

Since the psychological benefits of Kava have long been known, scientists decided to research them further. During numerous studies, they noticed that the active ingredients of this plant have many physical benefits, especially on pain-reducing. Scientists even developed synthetic forms of these natural components for treating pain. They have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-convulsant, and neuroprotective features. 

There are different types of pain. The one that can be treated with Kava is chronic nociceptive pain. It’s the discomfort caused by your nerve cells that stimulate painful sensations because they’re damaged. It usually happens after skin, bones, or lean and connective tissues are damaged. Simply, it’s not an acute pain you feel when infected or injured. 

Easing Muscle Spasms

Kava can also be a good sports supplement that relieves stress resulting from strenuous workouts and competitions. Athletes and recreational exercisers benefit from this supplement as it relaxes the body without drowsiness. That makes the recovery period after overexertion more successful. 

That relaxation comes from the active ingredients of this plant- kavalactones. The most popular one is kavain, which acts as a muscle relaxant. It gets into the bloodstream and reaches lean tissues soon after intake. Thus athletes suffer less from chronic overtraining. Such an effect can’t be achieved by other pharmacological products.

Early Stage Conditions

Early Stage Conditions

Aside from helping with pain and recurrent seizures, Kava can help treat a host of conditions. It’s safe for people with mild conditions and can benefit people with diabetes, heart problems, and cancer. These are all conditions when patients feel chronic discomfort. Chronic pain can also be worsened by a lack of sleep. As this plant promotes better sleep, it also reduces this discomfort.

Inflammation has been implicated in the pathogenesis of many diseases, including the immune system. Kava is a herbal immunity booster, promoting its better functioning for coping with conditions caused by stress. It’s an effective treatment for the swelling of different body parts. Its ability to calm the body has been found to ease restless leg syndrome.

Besides kavalactones, health benefits of Kava also contains flavokawains. These are substances that show enormous potential for treating some forms of cancer. Further research is necessary, but the findings to date are quite promising for people with lung, bladder, and colon tumors.

Combat Menopause

While this herb is a bit controversial, it helps relieve the symptoms of menopause.  It has also been found to ease insomnia and reduce hot flashes. And due to anti-inflammatory action, Kava can fight migraines, the worst enemy of every woman dealing with menopause.

After learning about health benefits of Kava, many people decided to give a shot to Kava. While it can’t boast the most enjoyable taste, this supplement can help with various health disorders. If you use it for medical purposes, always keep your doctor posted.



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