Is It the Shoes? 5 Hot Sneaker Trends You Need to Know About

sneaker trends

When the world is going crazy and the news leaves you feeling rotten, one thing that should never fail to lift your spirits are brand new kicks.

With money tight, though, you need to spend that money wisely. After all, sneakers are an investment, and not all sneaker brands are made equally.

Here are five sneaker trends you should keep your eye on.

1. Classic Styles

Simplicity is key – or at least, that’s what the sales are saying.

Pared-back styles, or more classic sneaker styles, are one of the hot trends in 2020. Whether it’s Veja’s classic sneakers or Stella McCartney’s minimal sneakers, these kicks go great with any outfit.

Everything makes a comeback in fashion, and these nostalgic models are what’s trending now.

2. Ugly Dad Shoes

Along the same lines, another of the men’s sneaker trends is dad shoes. You know, those basic, plain athletic sneakers you’d see in every store shoe.

These chunky choices pair well with a classic silhouette, and some brands are even elevating the base model with different colors and patterns. You can even find some in leopard print. (

Even celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Tracee Ellis Ross are rocking them, and some rumor that Barack Obama started the trend.

3. Booming Color

Street fashion is all about a big presence and big colors, and that’s not confined to your choice of shirt and pants.

In a similar fashion, you can find color taking the stage on your feet this year. This is the year when your sneakers are your statement pieces.

Go for simple colors and wow the crowds with a splash of color on your feet. Or add that extra oomph to your outfit.

4. Collabs

A super collab is when streetwear labels team up with luxury brands and create a masterpiece even your parents will be talking about. Whether it’s old collabs being given new life this year or new collabs with Kanye West, you’ll find plenty of limited editions coming out.

As such, especially when it comes to collabs, you’ll see a lot of pre order sneakers enter the market.

What that means is in order to acquire them, you need to purchase them months in advance to even have a chance. Wait too long, however, and you’ll have to check out auction sites later on with extreme markups to get your own pair.

5. Tech Sneakers

Sneakers aren’t really where you thought technological advances would happen, but here we are.

We’re talking 3D printed sneakers like the Adidas Futurecraft 4D, Nike air force 1 07 low lx uv reactive which is described to be a woven shoe that wraps around your feet like a cocoon. Another example is the Nike Adapt BB with self-lacing technology.

You can only imagine the possibilities moving forward, like shoes made to fit your exact foot specifications. Now, that’s luxury.

Sneaker Trends Constant Changing

Trends are always changing, and that’s true even for footwear. In order to keep up with sneaker trends, you’ll want to keep up on social media.

Or you could keep an eye on our articles for future updates on everything from fitness to sports.


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