Farm-Like Emojis For A More Fun Conversation

Animal Emoji

We have come to the day that people are now more dependent on technology Emoji. Our lives are now based on a device, whether smartphone, tablet, or laptop. We spend all day scrolling and clicking our tools for entertainment. We are all obsessed with social media, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Our way of communication is now based on those apps. The universal English language is slowly turning into emojis. People are using emojis to create fun, like conversations with friends, loved ones, and family. Here are some Farmville themed emojis to us to start a more farm-like conversation with your chat mate or text-mate. 

Goat Emoji

This type of farm animal emoji describes as a hoofed, sturdy animal raised for its delicious meat and milk. Goat emoji are fun to use because it looks like a real goat. It has two types of colors, the brown and the white. It has a thin beard, a tail facing upright with yellow or brown colored horns curving towards its back. 

This emoji is usually used as a virtual image for GOAT’s slang expression, which means “The Greatest of All Time.” This phrase is often said to our athletes, particularly to Michael Jordan and the late Kobe Bryant. The goat is also considered as one of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs. It is often used to represent Capricorn in the western zodiac. 

Horse Emoji

A horse is described as a mammal animal used for riding and racing. This emoji illustrates a brown horse in its full image, the same as the real ones facing the left, with dark brown hair and tail.  It can represent different types of symbolic horses like a stallion, mustang, e.g., It also represents one of the Chinese zodiac signs’ animals. 

Cow Emoji

Cows are one of man’s favorites for its meat and milk. It has a full image of an original cow with a black and white-colored patched coat facing the left on the left. It has a pink under his body representing its milk supply and small horns. This emoji means the animal for its product or the black and white color. 

Pig Emojis

The pig animal is one of the most used emojis not only as it represents its meat, such as bacon, but it can also be used in different types of conversation. It has a live pig’s image, with a light pink body, a cute curly tail that is always facing left. This emoji doesn’t only represent its food product but also its other different types of senses.

The pig emoji also comes with a cute bubbly head, which is used when you are telling someone that they are “fat,” “meaty,” or “chubby.” Pig is also part of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs. It also has a pig face emoji and a boar emoji. All of them represent the main pig emoji. 


As our world continues to change, our communication will also evolve into something fun and addictive. Emojis are created for people, especially the Millenials, to convey messages, secrets, or even codes to use. We tend to use emojis to shorten the conversation and make it more interesting and fun.  

Some of us are sometimes neglecting these farm-like emojis because we are not that aware of its uses and meanings.  There are seventy-nine emojis tagged in the Unicode emojis list to choose from with its different meanings. 


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