Reveal Your Affection Using These 6 Emojis

Emojis Guide

A relationship will never get better once communication is neglected Emojis; communicating with one another plays a vital part, for it brings both of you closer to each other. However, there are instances that you can’t spend time with your partner because of work; this time, your mobile phone will be a big help to stay in love even when you’re miles apart with one another. 

To make your conversation more exciting and sweet, you must include these six emojis when conversing with your significant other. Having these emojis will help you eliminate dull moments and have more time expressing what you truly feel inside. 


The Diamond emoji, also known as the Gem Stone emoji, is presented in blue yet bright color; the v-cut shaped makes it stunning. If you consider your partner as your gem, you can send this emoji to remind them how much you love and treasure them. If you’re planning to propose, you can also choose the Ring emoji with a diamond on top of it to give them an idea that you’re planning to ask their hand soon. (Valium)  

Sick Emojis

If you’re sick or unwell, you can tap the Sick emoji to notify your other half that you have an illness. There are many emojis that show sickness; you can send the Face with head-bandage, Hot face, Woozy face, Nauseated face, or the Face with a thermometer to invite them to come to your house. 

Face Blowing a Kiss

This emoticon has a winking countenance; it comes in a yellow face with a heart beside its lips. You can send the Face Blowing a Kiss emoticon as your good morning and good night greetings to make them feel more special and loved. 

Popcorn Emojis

The popcorn emoticon is presented in a white-and-red-striped carton. This kind of food is served as a snack when you’re at a cinema; if you send this to your partner, you’re inviting them for a movie date, which makes it sweeter, Pal. After a long tiring day, you’ll have the chance to watch your favorite movie while spending time with your other half.

You can also send them the Television emoji to ask them to watch movies together at home; spending time without other people is way more private and sweeter than having a date in crowded places. 

Heart with Arrow

The Heart emoji is displayed through a red or pink color penetrated by a blue or yellow arrow at the center. This emoticon is also acknowledged as the Cupid emoji; you can use this one every day to remind your loved ones that they captured your heart, and it’s only intended for them. 

Beach Emojis

If you’re craving to spend time with your partner, sending them the Beach emoji will surely make their heart jump in excitement. The beach soothes us; therefore, it’s an excellent choice to run away from the city for a little while and spend time with each other. You can also add the Bikini and Car emojis to tell them to prepare because you’re on your way to their place. 


People think that a relationship away from one another will never last; the truth is, it may be shaken sometimes, but it will never come to an end once both of you exert effort to save what you’ve started. Vague feelings will only cause quarrels; therefore, keep using the emojis you have on your mobile phone to express what you genuinely feel, Pal!


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