COVID-19 Fall Flu Shots, the Best Ways to Keep Flu Away in This Season

COVID-19 fall flu shots

Let us start with a situation before moving on to the discussion of COVID-19 fall flu shots. Consider that there are two women, and both are unwell. One of them is a 75-year old woman who is suffering from common flu symptoms. On the other hand, the other person is a woman who is 50-year old, suffering from diabetes, and also from flu symptoms. The common requirement for both of these women is ventilators, so they have come to the same hospital’s emergency ward. Unfortunately, there is only one ventilator available. So, who do you think requires more immediate treatment?

Well, there is now an answer to the situation mentioned above. If there is an improvement in the COVID-19 fall flu shots rate by a minor 5%, we can avoid almost 483,000 infections. Therefore, the requirement of patients to get admitted to the hospital will also come down. Moreover, the entire solution will also positively impact the shortage of beds that the hospitals are facing right now. Apart from all the vaccines and medicines, we mustn’t forget to maintain the essential health guidelines. As a result, the hospital will be able to treat both the women in the situation above.

Front-line doctors and medical workers in California have almost reached their tipping points fighting with COVID-19. The shortage of staff is now increasing, so the doctors on duty will join hands with two dozen doctors and nurses. They belong to a special military team of the USA Defense Department. The new doctors and nurses will now work under the largest hospitals in Los Angeles and the existing staff.

How vital are COVID-19 fall flu shots right now?

A couple of days back, the number of people admitted to hospitals was almost going to cross the total beds. According to the record, there were only 100 ICU seats left for a city where over 10 million people reside. Apart from Los Angeles, other American cities such as Houston, Alabama, Montgomery, and more were also fast running out of ICU beds for more patients. Now, let us come back to the flu. Doctors confirm that the peak capacity of almost every hospital approaches once we enter the flu season. On top of it, the problem of COVID-19 is an addition this year.

Presently, scientists all across the world are rushing as a part of the global vaccine race. However, it seems that there is another effective way of beating the infection. Well, it is by getting COVID-19 fall flu shots. Besides, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) also recommends that these flu shots are presently the best way to deal with the disease. Last but not least, it is rated as the essential flu shot of the 21st century.

The US healthcare system is at a massive risk of breaking down

There is a scene in the movie Titanic, in which the ship’s captain is asking the leading engineer about the possibility of the ship sinking. So, the engineer analyzes the situation and says that the ship can sail across only on one condition. It is that the water should not go above the bottom four cabins. However, if it is otherwise, the mathematical certainty states that the ship will sink. The concept influencing the analysis is the inflection point in which the fatality rate goes up exponentially.

The concept is almost similar when we talk about the healthcare system of the USA. It also has an inflection point. Moreover, the entire system has a limit in which specific numbers of ventilators, beds, doctors, nurses, and more. For example, it was a terrible scene during the beginning of 2020 when doctors in Italy were making the toughest choices. They had to choose between who they can save and who has to die. Even though the per capita hospital beds in Italy are more in comparison to that in the USA, they were still going through such an unfortunate condition.

Out of all the negativities associated with the current global pandemic, there is also one positive thing. It is that people are now becoming more aware of their immunity issues, and even taking better care of them. Besides, they are also able to understand their infection-fighting abilities more than ever before. Last but not least, COVID-19 fall flu shots are what will keep us away from the infection. You can compare it with that support that will keep the water below the fifth cabin. Similarly, the fall vaccine will keep the US healthcare system from breaking down.


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