COVID-19 Death Toll Increases Among Latinos and African Americans

COVID-19 Death Toll Increases Among Latinos and African Americans

The COVID-19 death toll in the US is rising by the day, and the worst hit is Latinos and African Americans. The rate of affected people is exacerbating the existing racial division that has occurred due to the pandemic. The same discrimination is the reason for the devastation of the Latinos and African American communities.

According to the latest compilation revealed by the “Colors of Coronavirus” project, the brown and black Americans are in the worse situation. The per-capita rate and the COVID-19 death rate is continually increasing within these specific communities. Although the rate of infection is rising among white Americans, the severity is lesser than that of white Americans.

The latest figures of the COVID-19 death toll reveal that the fatality rate between August 4th and 18th. It has gone up from 80 to 88 every 100,000 people. Now, this is the figure for the colored population. On the contrary, the rising rate is almost 50% of the above in the white American community. Besides, for the Latino population, the rise in the fatality rate is sharper than the rest.

Reports of the COVID-19 death toll are not entirely authentic

It seems that the latest batch of reports is a matter of concern on multiple levels. The infection rate for all ethnic and racial groups was decreasing through the summers. However, the suffering seems to be back again when the coronavirus began spreading through the mid-west and south during July. The problem with the reports is that it only gives a time-lagged surge in deaths in August.

According to Andi Egbert, the future is quite frightening, considering the massive hit on the Latinos and African Americans. Besides, the fact that the infection rate increases, the fall season may bring in danger. Moreover, several colleges and schools reopen soon, and the situation does not look favorable at all. Egbert is a senior researcher at the APM Lab. It is the non-partisan branch of the American Public Media. The same is responsible for all essential data compilation of the country’s population.

The sharp disbalance signifies a significant failure at the end of the USA government to respond to the crisis. It is clear for quite some time that the colored communities of America are at a greater risk of the virus. However, it is unfortunate that America’s state and federal governments are entirely oblivious about the matter. As a result, there are no significant steps to bring the disaster under control.

Is the Trump Agency not active enough?

Andi Egbert says that there is no surprise about the Latino and Black people being at a greater risk. Besides, the COVID-19 death rate is also higher among the colored communities than the White Americans. However, what is worse is that there are zero improvements in the situation. Instead, the problem is only deteriorating, and the infection rates are accelerating. She mentions that it is disheartening to know that the authorities are much aware of the vulnerabilities. However, there is no dynamism when it comes to the responses.

Presently, the total number of deaths in the country is over 189,000, which is also the highest globally. As per the John Hopkins COVID tracker, the figure will go up to 200,000 by the end of September. Moreover, the total infection figure will cross 6.3 million. On the political front, the infection disparity may have a considerable impact on the upcoming presidential elections.

CDC Vs. private labs on COVID-19 death toll reports

American President Donald Trump claims that his track record is the best since that of Abraham Lincoln. It means that his contribution in terms of the country’s improvement is top-notch. However, the mishandling of the pandemic scenario is clear from all the research reports and data. Moreover, the loss of black lives is another undeniable issue at present. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), along with America’s public health agency, continues to issue outdated data reports regarding the virus.

It also hides the prominent detailing of racial illness and death disparity. Therefore, private research labs such as the APM is doing its research to bring out the exact data. Egbert says that doing personal research is essential to bridge the information gap. As per APM reports, the fatality rate is more in specific states of the US. For example, the colored communities in Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Louisiana are at risk.


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