Cheap Steroids for COVID Worked for Patients in Intensive Care

Cheap steroids for covid

The research result of Coronavirus medicine trials assured that cheap steroids for COVID infections are effective. However, these medicines were given to patients who are in intensive care.

JAMA announced results that the recovery rate is eight patients among 100 who were given the steroid treatment. The health researchers say that the results of the trial were excellent. However, steroids are not the final cure for Coronavirus patients.

Dexamethasone is one of the cheap steroids for COVID used on UK trials

The trials in the UK in June came up with a steroid drug called dexamethasone. It is a potential cure and recovered many endangered Covid-19 patients.

The recent research suggested that all clinical tests for Coronavirus medicine involved steroids.

The results showed dexamethasone and hydrocortisone as solutions for Coronavirus treatment to some extent.

Anthony Gordon, who is a professor at Imperial College London, said that initially, there seemed no hope of finding any medicine for Covid-19 infections. However, the researchers have found a potential drug in just six months that do work. Now the doctors are hopeful that they can handle this pandemic after getting fruitful results.

Results of trials of 1703 intensive Coronavirus patients

The death toll reduced 32% from 40% after giving steroids rather than giving standard treatment.

The research was on those patients who were in hospitals and were most affected. Some patients recovered after having mild symptoms of Coronavirus.

The steroids that the doctors use for asthma, arthritis, and other severe health concerns reduce the inflammation caused by Coronavirus. Moreover, it also decreases the activity of the immunity system.

There were speculations on whether steroid medicines initially would work on COVID-19 patients or not. Moreover, patients kept having symptoms like lack of smell, taste, high fever, and cough.

The immune system gets vulnerable due to Coronavirus infection. This disease affects the lungs as well as other organs too. This is the time when cheap steroids work for coronavirus patients.

Oxford University’s Professor Martin Landray said that patients having severe problems with breathing must be treated with corticosteroids immediately.

Steroid treatment decreased the mortality rate for Coronavirus patients

The steroid trial results are so impressive, and also those are readily available in the market. The prices are low, and the drugs decrease the mortality rate of the infections.

Doctors from all over the world are keeping faith in dexamethasone after getting significant results. They will be able to treat Coronavirus patients more efficiently if they find more drug options in the future.

COVID-19 patients can either have steroids in the form of tablets or doctors may prescribe to give them with an intravenous drip.

In the UK, NHS chief executive Sir Simon Stevens said that just the way they made sure dexamethasone works for coronavirus, they will also test hydrocortisone on the same. It will add another weapon to the armory against the worldwide battle against coronavirus.

It is important to note that the health analysis kept the steroid dosage in lower quantity. As a result, the trial doesn’t prove if a higher dosage will work as much as the lower quantity.

The World Health Organisation will release new guidelines for doctors regarding the future treatment of Coronavirus.


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