Ideas on How to Collect Pop Vinyl and Bobbleheads

Collect Pop Vinyl and Bobbleheads

If you like pop vinyl and bobbleheads, most likely you are planning to have your own collection or already starting one. With the huge number of such toys available in the market, it can be hard to pinpoint a specific favourite. Also, putting up a pop bobblehead collection can be confusing, especially if you are a beginner. However, everything you need to do is know the correct way of starting your collection. 

Collect as many pop vinyl bobbleheads as you like

The most important thing is to buy and collect the collectable vinyl figurines that you want. With these pop vinyl, you will realise that when you go shopping for one, you will see many kinds. For this, it is best to decide what pop figures you like the most and start from there. It can be a pop vinyl figure from a game, DC Comics, Disney, or a character from a movie or TV series. 

If you are collecting bobbleheads for another person, know what they love and put up a collection according to their preference. 

Do not delay

When having a pop bobblehead collection, you should always act fast. One essential thing you should know about pop figures is that they are available one minute and go out of stock without notice. Also, some companies design and release a pop vinyl figure only once. Aside from the exclusive figures, basic pop figures can also be out of stock extremely fast.

Decide what to do with the boxes.

Pop vinyl is collector-friendly, which is why many people get hooked on them. As a collector, you may opt to remove the pop figure from its box or showcase it while inside the box. Make sure to do this without damaging both the figure and the box. Even if you take it out of the box, keep the box separately and do not destroy it. Store it safely because you will need it later on. One advantage of keeping the boxes is that it would be easy to put away old bobbleheads if you need to create more space for new pop figures. 

Display your pop vinyl bobblehead collection

Collecting pop vinyl comes with showcasing your valuable treasures from time to time. Decide how you are going to do it. Will you take the pop figures out in their boxes or showcase them with the boxes? While it depends on your preference, know that it is ideal to leave the bobbleheads in their boxes, especially if you plan to trade or sell them in the future. This is because a pop bobblehead inside a box is much more valuable than without a box. Also, it must be the original box and not any box you can find. 

For this purpose, your collection should have enough space in your home. You will want to keep the pop vinyl on their original form, including their boxes, and proper spacing can help you with this. 

With that, starting your pop vinyl figure collection is not complicated. What is in store for you is a lot of fun time buying, storing, displaying, and showcasing your collectables. If you do things properly, you are going to benefit from collecting pop vinyl figurines. 


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