8 Traits to Look for When Seeking a Reliable Health Practitioner

Reliable Health Practitioner

Undoubtedly, an efficient and systemic healthcare system relies heavily on the healthcare workers to keep it running smoothly. These healthcare professionals ensure that the quality of care remains at a particular optimal level throughout the year. After all, according to the WHO (World Health Organization), the quality, acceptability, accessibility, and availability of healthcare services contribute to the highest achievable health standards. Everyone working in the healthcare industry, including locum tenens healthcare professionals, is vital in keeping our society healthy and vigorous for the foreseeable future. Given this reason, healthcare professionals everywhere must maintain and improve upon a few personality traits. Doing so will allow them to remain competitive and work towards improving the healthcare system tenfold. With that in mind, if you’re someone looking to hire a reliable health practitioner, then you have come to the right place. Today, we will share a few traits to look for when seeking a dependable health practitioner. So, whether you’re looking to hire a nurse, psychiatrist, healthcare administrator, or anyone else, we’ll help you out. 

Listed below are a few traits to look for in a health practitioner. 

Immense knowledge of their respective field of work 

Whether you’re a surgeon, a psychologist, or even a nurse, immense medical knowledge/experience is required to operate in the healthcare sector. Your knowledge, skills, and expertise regarding your work area will lead you up the career ladder. After all, working in the healthcare industry is the equivalent of a life and death situation where one tiny mistake can result in someone losing their life. So, if you’re looking for a reliable healthcare practitioner, ensure that they have adequate knowledge in their respective healthcare subfield.

For instance, if you’re looking to hire a nurse, ensure they have completed online post master’s certificate nurse practitioner programs through eLearning. Such impressive academic credentials indicate that the professional possesses a zeal to advance their knowledge base.  

Excellent communication skills

Good, practical communication skills require confident speaking, attentive listening, and utilizing various communication channels simultaneously. That said, a healthcare professional with practical communication skills knows how to remain respectful and humble towards everyone they encounter.

Communication plays a critical role in healthcare because professionals often have to convey unfortunate news to the ailing and their loved ones. In addition, they must know how to retrieve and transfer information amongst the people involved. Furthermore, such a thing is also crucial for the documentation of medical records while ensuring patient confidentiality. 

Impeccable problem-solving skills

The nature of the healthcare field requires healthcare practitioners to resolve every medical issue raised, regardless of its nature or difficulty. Therefore, excellent problem-solving skills are a must-have for every healthcare professional out there. It allows them to deliver high quality of care and better patient outcomes. (cobblerexpress.com)  

In addition, they must always be on their toes to solve any medical emergencies or issues that might arise. By following a proactive approach, they can ensure that their patients remain as comfortable as possible during their hospital stay. 

Empathy towards their patients

Empathy is the core foundation of every healthcare professional’s career. In fact, without empathy, you won’t understand what your patient is going through. Eventually, it will affect your ability to provide high-quality care. After all, taking care of patients’ health requires emotional stability and empathy to ensure better patient outcomes while tackling uncertainty every step of the way. 

Regardless of the patients’ condition, healthcare practitioners, especially nurses, need to be emotionally stable. They must learn the patient’s condition while keeping everything under control. 


Healthcare professionals should always be passionate and service-oriented about the career they’ve taken up to help humankind. Compassion is the building block of every healthcare professional’s career ambitions. Furthermore, they should have it within themselves to work hard day in and day out even if things become tough to manage. This trait is usually quite evident among healthcare workers, as was seen during the pandemic. 

Nonetheless, they should be able to differentiate between compassion and overwork. Else, it can soon lead to burnout and stress. 

Physically strong

Being exposed to various viruses and illnesses within medical facilities compels one to maintain good health and impeccable physical strength. Healthcare practitioners must always know how to keep such potential hazards at bay. Doing so allows them to fight off and defend their bodies against various illnesses and viruses present inside the medical facilities. 

Furthermore, the healthcare field demands individuals who are mentally and physically fit. Individuals who can bear physical exhaustion alongside tackling mental stressors are usually preferred. After all, caring for the ailing requires one to be healthy in the first place.  

Detail orientation

Being a detail-oriented and organized individual is vital for anyone working in the healthcare field. Taking an ‘attention to detail’ approach can save patients from life and death situations. After all, documentation, medical procedures, medications, and assessments rely heavily on precise information, with little to no margin for errors or mistakes. So, having the ability to double or even triple-check everything will serve any healthcare practitioner well. 

Ability to adapt

In the healthcare field, every day will seem like a new challenge. As a result, healthcare practitioners should know how to adapt to their surroundings and circumstances whenever required. For example, healthcare professionals will have to deal with patients with varying backgrounds, requiring them to be inclusive-minded. Likewise, adaptability to unforeseen events in the pandemic is yet another job requirement. So, with their ability to adapt, dealing with various events and patients will become easier. 


Whether consulting/hiring a healthcare practitioner, we all face several uncertainties regarding which to choose. So, to ease your decision, we advise you to measure them against some personality traits. Check whether they possess relevant and latest industry knowledge, also see if they have good communications skills and are passionate about their work. Likewise, ensure that they can prove to be valuable resources for your organization. In the end, your healthcare facility’s patients will be happier and healthier when you onboard such individuals to your team of healthcare workers. 


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