6 Tips When You’re Buying a Dab Rig for the First Time

a Dab Rig

Are you buying a dab rig for the first time? Is the plethora of options available online and in local markets making it difficult to choose one?

Don’t worry! This article will help you to select a dab rig for sale that will offer comfort along with a pleasant smoking experience. Dab rigs are filtration devices that use the vaporization method for consuming substances.

This equipment has some complex construction models. Hence, as a beginner, you must buy a dab rig that can be handled with ease.

Top Ideas You Can Use While Buying a Dab Rig

According to recent reports, the use of cannabinoid drugs and cannabis concentrate increased after the US government legalized hemp.

Dabbing is a complicated process of using cannabinoids. Hence, every dab rig is crafted with intrinsic design and a high level of expertise. 

You can take these six ideas as guidance to buy the best dab rig for sale for your next smoking session.

Choose the Right Size

Depending on your cannabis smoking habits, you can choose a dab rig from a reputed brand. If you are a professional stoner, who enjoys their regular dabs during a vacation, you must buy smaller silicone rigs. 

These dab rigs can fit your travel bags and are portable. They are a cheaper model but are shatterproof and do not break or crack easily.

If you are hosting a large party within the comfort of your home, you can buy a large dab rig. It will help spread the hits into several puffs between different users.

Choose the Right Type of Rig

Dab rigs come in different shapes and designs. Some commonly found rigs are glass rigs, recycler rigs, mini dabs, electric dab rigs, pucker rigs, and nano rigs.

You can select the correct type of dab rig for sale depending on your choice and smoking style. 

Also, you can look for different designs made by unique artisans. They make an ideal choice of decorative artifacts for your home or office.

Check the Percolation Level

Every dab rig comes with a filtration process that helps clean and cool down the vapor after the dabbing process. Dabs are concentrates made of heavy chemicals. (leifrogersmd.com) It contains resin, shatter, live resin, and budder. 

When inhaled directly, these chemicals damage the ribs and lungs, resulting in health complications. Hence, you must buy a dab rig with the right perforation level for a flavorful dabbing experience.

Check the Type of Nails

Nails are made of different materials like ceramic, titanium, glass, or quartz. You can find nails with or without a dome.

You can try and choose a nail with a dome. It helps to trap concentrated smoke, which does not reach the rig entirely.

You can also buy dab rigs with bucket nails. These dab nails enclose the heat and help maintain the perfect temperature of vapor for a longer inhalation process.

Buy a Good Quality Torch

A cheap quality torch is not only durable but also heats the rig faster. You must try and find a butane torch to ignite the wax on the nail component.

It helps to slowly give out the vapors and enhance the flavors to a maximum level.

Buy the Best Dab Tools and Cleaning Accessories

Dabbing tools are used to scrape the concentrates and easily apply them to the nails. Hence, you must invest in good quality dabbing tools to ensure the best use of the filtration device.

Even if you buy an expensive dab rig, buying the best cleaning tools for your smoking device is imperative. Resin and grime get accumulated on the glass rig and can deteriorate the performance level of the equipment.

To maintain the best level of hygiene, you must clean the dab rig with rubbing alcohol regularly. You can also use warm water and pat it dry with cotton swabs and Q-tips to keep it safe for future use.



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