5 Tips to Boost Intimacy With Your Partner


A lack of intimacy in your relationship can lower your confidence, make you resentful, lead to loneliness, increase the risk of an affair, and more. Many people think intimacy only means sex.

However, intimacy is more than your sex life. It has to do with your emotions, sense of comfort, and security with your partner.

There are many other issues that can arise due to the lack of intimacy between two people, the most serious issue being separation. Thankfully, there are ways to work through this and improve the quality of your relationship.

Let’s dive into these 5 tips on how to boost intimacy with your partner.

1. Reminisce

Reminisce on your enjoyable, memorable moments with your partner. Bringing back good memories can help pave the way to the direction and type of relationship you want to bring back. Discuss specific events and experiences that you shared together.

You can even try going back to those physical places in those memories and experience it again. This can become a laughing rollercoaster or lead to an emotional one, and that’s okay. When you look back, you’ll see the healthy couple that you guys can work towards again.

2. Understand Your Partner’s Love Language

It’s important to speak your partner’s love language and understand how they love. Everyone’s love language is different. For example, one person may show affection by making coffee in the morning, while the other shows affection by surprise dates.

Find out how your partner likes to receive love and implement it into your daily routine. Show them you love them through your actions. This helps show your partner that they are a priority and you care about their feelings.

3. Experiment in Bed

Touching can ease stress, make you both happier and healthier, and fuels your bond. Physical touch is vital to sustaining a healthy intimate relationship with your partner. Changing it up in the bedroom can not only boost your sex life, but improve sexual intimacy.

Adding sex toys can build anticipation and bring excitement into your lives. If you’re a couple that’s looking for something fresh and new, read on the different vibrators couples can use in bed. Consider prioritizing sex again and scheduling sex into your regular routines. (comp.utm)

4. Have Regular Conversations

Couples may have conflicting schedules where it leads to a lack of proper communication. Don’t be afraid to send quick texts to your partner throughout the day and stay connected. Communication is key, so be sure to set time aside for conversations.

Ask your partner about their day and share what the day consisted of. Sharing thoughts is important in establishing trust in your partner. Knowing you can turn to your partner for undivided attention on a stressful day helps improve intimacy.

5. Practice Self-Love

Before you can love anyone else, you must love yourself first. Figure out if any of the reasons for loss of intimacy in the relationship has to do with any self-conflicts. This can be self-esteem, insecurities, or even poor diet.

Reflect on how you can personally grow, and try communicating these things with your partner so they are aware. They can help you during the process, as well as give you space if needed.

Improve Intimacy in Your Relationship Today

It doesn’t have to take years to re-build intimacy with your partner. You can start this journey today by doing something as small as sending them an affectionate text. Remember, communication is key and it’s vital to practice self-love during the process.

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