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You feel like there’s been a block between you and your spouse lately. There hasn’t been as much of a spark in the bedroom. The problem could be on both of your ends, or it could have something to do with you. You have been feeling stressed, and sleep has been out of the question. These are two problems that will affect your sexual performance in big ways. Then there is the little matter of communication. Have you tried talking to your partner about your problems? If you don’t, you won’t improve sex lives for you or your significant other.

These are only a few problems that you should address with yourself and your spouse. Keep reading to learn more about how you can get your spark back as a man.

Put Down the Cigarettes

The first step of getting your sex life back on track is putting down the cigarettes. For one, nobody wants to be with someone who smells like an ashtray. Smoking doesn’t only result in bad odors.

It turns your teeth yellow, discolors your nails, and more. None of this may bother your partner, but if you don’t feel confident in your appearance, it will affect your performance in the bedroom.

Smoking also makes your blood vessels contract. Since your penis needs healthy blood flow to function, this can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Foreplay Is Important

Believe it or not, penetration isn’t the most important part of sex. It’s what you do before that. Instead of getting straight to the task at hand, spend some time on foreplay.

Next time you’re with your partner, focus on kissing and touching for a while. This will lengthen your bedroom time.

How long should you stretch things out? You can find out here to learn when enough is enough. Considering most women can’t orgasm from penetration alone, the general rule of thumb is to take your time.

Locker Room Talk Is a Sham

When you’re with your buddies, there may come a time when bedroom antics come up. For some men, when others begin boasting about how great their sex lives are, it can make their self-esteem plummet.

They’ll begin to feel like their own sex life is missing something. We’re here to tell you not to listen to locker room talk. It’s a sham!

Most men who brag about sexual encounters have something that they’re compensating for. There’s a good chance that their lives aren’t as wild as they claim.

Get Some Exercise

Certain conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure can affect how much blood flows to the penis. This makes it difficult to maintain an erection.

The best way to combat these issues is to hit the gym. Not only will exercising for better sex boost your health and energy levels, but it also releases feel-good endorphins in the brain that keeps stress at bay.

When you’re in shape, you’ll feel more attractive, which will increase your confidence in the bedroom. On top of running on the treadmill, you should try out exercises that target the muscles involved in the sexual process.

The Start-Stop Technique

If you’re looking for a way to make intercourse last longer, the start-stop technique is a good way to do it. When you feel like you’re close to the end, stop what you’re doing.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and try to focus on something else for a few minutes until you feel yourself calm down. This should help you hold things off for as long as you want.

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to train your body to last without using this technique every time you’re in the middle of a sexual encounter.

Focus on the Moment

It’s easier than you may think for your mind to wander off into deep territory while you’re in the middle of the act with your partner. You want to focus, but you can’t help but worry about your job and other things not involved with what you’re doing.

Our advice is to stop and turn your attention to the intimacy of the moment. Try to maintain eye contact with your partner and synchronize your breathing with theirs. That should put your mind back on the right track.

Put Down the Alcohol

Having a few drinks at the end of a stressful day is a great way to unwind. In some cases, drinking with your partner can help lead to the bedroom antics. Whatever you do, don’t overdo it, though.

Alcohol is technically a depressant. Not only that, but it can also decrease the sexual sensitivity of both you and your partner. After a while, you’re more likely to give up and go to sleep than continue onward.

Try New Things

How long have you been with your partner? If the answer is several years, it might be time for you to try something new in the bedroom. You see, after a while of being with the same person, sex begins to feel routine and mundane.

The best way to spice things up and spark a little excitement is to try different sexual positions. You can also get frisky in a different location than you would normally.

Take a vacation or book a hotel room for no reason. Talk to your partner and find out how they would feel about introducing toys into private time.

Your bedroom isn’t the only place where you should try new things. Do something fun with your partner that doesn’t involve sex at all.

Take a cooking class, go on a hike, or take them on a date. The excitement of doing something with a significant other can increase communication and feelings of affection when it comes time for sex later.

Change Your Diet

Exercising alone isn’t enough to maintain a healthy weight. You’ve got to change your diet as well. Again keeping your figure is a great way to increase your confidence in the bedroom.

It will also stop you from developing conditions that are associated with erectile dysfunction, such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

If you switch to a better diet and still can’t lose the weight that you want, we recommend talking to your doctor. They’ll be able to find out what’s going on and help you come up with a solution.

Communication Is Key

Talking about sex is one of the best ways to increase intimacy between yourself and your significant other. If you’re feeling stressed or have problems with sex, bring it up.

Talking through these issues and solving them with your partner will help you feel more at ease. Remember that you shouldn’t only talk about your problems.

It’s important to know what your partner likes in terms of sex and vice versa. You can’t improve until you know what you’re doing wrong. This is the case for everything in life.

Ease Your Stress

If you find that you’re stressed more often than not, it might be time for you to go talk to a counselor. The reason being is that high amounts of anxiety can cause your blood vessels to constrict. As you’re aware, this can lead to erectile problems.

Stress can also ruin your sexual confidence and prevent you from performing the way that you want. It’s hard to focus on your partner when you can barely keep your head on straight.

Get Some Sleep

When you’re stressed, it’s hard for you to sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep, you stay stressed. It’s a vicious cycle that many people find themselves trapped in.

Humans need at least 8 hours of sleep a night. If you’re not getting enough, you’ll be drained. You won’t be any use to your partner when you’re too tired to function.

Solve Your Issues Outside of the Bedroom

If you and your partner find yourselves arguing more often than not, this could be the reason why you’re not performing well in the bedroom. For example, if you feel like you can never do anything right for your partner, it will lead to some sexual anxiety.

This will continue until you address the problem. If talking alone doesn’t do the trick, it might be a good idea for you to enlist the help of a marriage counselor.

How to Improve Sex Lives of Men

Are you and your partner’s time in the bedroom a little lackluster? Do you fear that it might be your fault? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways for you to change and improve sex lives for both you and your significant other.

Before you can do that, however, you have to figure out what the root of the problem is. Explore some of these options and if all else fails, make an appointment with your doctor. It will make a difference.

Are you looking for more ways to decrease erectile dysfunction? Check out our blog daily for all the latest info.


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