Why is My Period Blood Brown? From Brown to Bright Red, What Does it Indicate?


Besides red, women can experience other period blood colors during their menstrual days. The color that appeared during the period tells women about their health and hormones. Many women also experience delayed periods and when they get their periods, the color of the blood makes them tensed.  Brown period color is a common phenomenon if it occurs at the start and end of the menstrual cycle. There are numerous reasons behind the color of period blood including the level of hormones, oxidation, or common infection. If you are concerned about Why is My Period Blood Brown, then understanding the color theory behind reproductive health and well-being is important.

Different Period Blood Color and Their Means

Before knowing the fact behind the brown period color, first understand that period blood color can be varied from brown to red to black. But what is the reason behind this and what are the consequences of it? Menstrual blood color reveals a lot of things about a female’s health.  The bright red color of the periods is a sign of a healthy reproductive system of the females, but on the other hand, the brown and the darker brown is a signs of old blood that took too long to get out of the body.

Why is My Period Blood Brown

Also, there are some cases in which you can feel the change in menstrual color from day one to the last day of your period. It is because of the hormonal imbalancpree and irregularities. Most of the time, it is because of hormonal imbalances, stress levels, and lifestyle changes. Making little positive changes to it can make you achieve good reproductive health.

Why is My Period Blood Brown?

If you are thinking about Why is My Period Blood Brown, then there are many reasons behind it. Hormones, taking too much stress, not taking a proper diet, or infection can cause brown blood in your cycle. Let’s understand the color variation –

1. Periods Color Variation

There are two common colors women can sess during their periods. One is brown and the other is bright red. At the start and end of the cycle, brown color is common and in mid of your cycle, experiencing bright red is also normal. The reason behind the brown period color is that the older blood takes a little extra time to leave the body. Also, when the blood stays longer in the uterus before comes out, it oxidized and changes its color.

The bright red color is also common in the middle of the menstrunal cycle. You can experience it during the heavy flow. The red color shows that the blood is fresh and not oxidized yet. But if your period color changes to grey or green, or darker than brown then it is a concern. Bright red and brown colors are part of the menstrual cycle and are completely normal.

2. Hormones’ Role in Period Blood Color

If you are thinking Why is My Period Blood Brown, then it is majorly because of your hormones. Two types of hormones affect the menstrual cycle & blood color, one is estrogen and the other is progesterone. An increase in estrogen takes you to form a thicker endometrial lining that sheds as brighter red blood. On the other side, an increase in the progesterone can cause a thinner endometrial lining which causes the period blood appearance darker or brownish.

Role of Menstrual Products in Period Color

If you are still thinking for more reasons Why is My Period Blood Brown, then the other answer is your menstrual products including pads and tampons. The products come in exposed air and appear dark in color. When you are using your pad during the cycle, the blood on its surface comes in touch with the air and easily got oxidized. This cause the blood to brown. But when you use tampons, it will make no change to your period blood color because it is inserted inside the vagina and does not make it exposed to the air, which remains the blood bright red.

1. Period Color & Uterine Health

Do you know that you can find out about your uterine health with your period’s blood color? Whether your uterus is healthy or unhealthy lies on the color of your menstrual cycle. As we told you earlier that brown color is an old colour that takes a little long time to get out of the body. If you find it more frequent during your periods or get mostly brown color then you have to take care of it because it can affect the health of your uterus.

2. Iron Level of the Body

The color of the menstrual blood is also affected by the iron level of the female body. If you find your period blood lighter and paler then it is an indication that your body is facing iron deficiency. It is because of the decreased amount of oxygen or say haemoglobin. Sufficient iron can make your period blood looks bright red in color. So, if you find lighter period colors, take care of your iron intake.

Why is My Period Blood Brown

3. Other Factors

Apart from the above factors, there are many other factors responsible for your brown period color. The presence of blood clots in the body can also make the period’s blood brown. Age also plays a crucial role when it comes to period blood color. Every woman’s body is different and there can be different reasons for their period of blood color. It is better to check with a health professional if you find something abnormal with your menstrual cycle to get a timely solution.


We can understand things related to reproductive health can make you worried about your health and arise thousand of questions in your mind. Like Why is My Period Blood Brown, what happened if it remains like that, is a sign of a health issue, what to do, and many more. But getting brown blood during your menstrual cycle is completely normal and all women experience the same. Whenever you got concerns about your reproductive health, it is better to discuss them with your close one and if you are not comfortable sharing things with them, then connect with a health specialist or gynaecologist, so they can clear your doubts.


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