What Is the Proper Way to Run on a Treadmill?

Proper Way to Run on a Treadmill

Running is the most famous and efficient way to lose weight and stay healthy. When it comes to running, nothing can beat the importance of a treadmill. This motorized fitness equipment allows you to run or walk and burn calories. Treadmills improve cardiovascular fitness and also allows you to adjust the incline settings and speed. It can be compatible well with your fitness goal, but you have to pick the right one. As you can hurt yourself with improper running, we are here with what is the proper way to run on a treadmill.

What Is the Proper Way to Run on a Treadmill?    

Using a treadmill for regular exercise can provide you with huge benefits. Profitnessgears.com can help you to choose the best treadmill from their huge collections. But, using it in the wrong way can injure you. So, to know what is the proper way to run on a treadmill, see the below steps.

Prep Up

Before starting a walk or running on the treadmill, buy the right pair of running shoes. Your shoes should have extra padding and provide proper support to arches or toes. Shoes should be comfortable enough and perfectly fitted so that they won’t hurt you and loosen up while running. To avoid blisters, instead of using ankle socks, try crew socks.

Before starting working out on the treadmill, drink 16 to 24 fluid oz of water. It will be better if you drink water 90 minutes before working out. Always keep a water bottle while exercising. Use the bathroom before using the treadmill so that you don’t need any break between the workout sessions.

Know the Treadmill

To maximize the workout, you should know the ins and outs of your treadmill and use them. Learn the different functions and buttons of your treadmill. Generally, the treadmill comes with a heart rate monitor, a caloric-burn calculator, pre-set workouts, intervals, speed display, etc.

Look out for the settings, and you will find a speed and incline section. You can increase or decrease the settings to maximize the level of fitness. Once, getting comfortable with the treadmill, you can customize the workout by using the pre-programmed feature.  


It is essential to warm-up before getting onto the treadmill. Warming-up helps you to raise the heart-rate, body temperature and sends oxygen to the muscles. It makes your body efficient to adjust to the workout process. You can start with five minutes of jogging or walk on the treadmill before picking up the pace.

Start Walking

After warming up, increase the speed for the next one minute to 1.8 mph. Make sure to walk on the toes for 30 seconds, and for the rest 30 seconds, walk on the heels. After getting comfortable, increase the incline level and walk for 1 minute. At that time, take a longer strike. Decrease the incline speed if you feel hard.

Interval Training

For increasing endurance, speed, and capacity of fat burning, interval training is the best way. 1 or 2 minutes of intervals will raise the heart rate. After that, you can go for the medium intensity level. Before starting interval training, you should warm-up for 5 minutes as before. Then, you can jog or walk quickly for 1 minute at 1-2mph.

After that, for another 4 minutes, return to a pace of 3-4mph. Follow this process for 4 more intervals with 1min of high-intensity jogging or walking or medium intensity for 4 minutes. You should increase the intensity of interval training by 15 to 30 seconds every week. At the end of the workout, take a rest for 5 minutes to cool down.Don’t Hold the Handrail

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Don’t Hold the Handrail

Some people think that they need to hold the handrails while walking or running on the treadmill. But, actually, these handrails are for assuring safety when you get on and off from the treadmill. If you hold the handrails while walking or running, it will force you to hunch over and make your running inefficient. 

As a result, it will cause neck, back, and shoulder pain. While running, ensure the head is up, back or shoulder should be straight also, keep the whole body posture straight.

Don’t Lean Forward and Look Down

Always keep your body in an upright position, set the shoulders above your hips, and pull the abs. Never lean forward; it can lose your balance and lead to neck or back pain. Also, keep one thing in mind that looking down while running can suffer the form of running. You should always look straight while running, and it is the safest way.

Don’t Get on and Off While the Machine Is Moving

Most of the treadmill injuries are due to falling down from the fast-moving treadmill. For getting off from the treadmill, at first, lower the incline level and slow down the machine. After that, step off carefully. Follow the same way while stepping on.

Cool Down

As you gradually increase the heart rate at the beginning of the running session, you have to slowly lower it at the end. Walking or jogging slowly for 5-10 minutes before getting off the treadmill will help you to cool down. If you get off the treadmill without properly cooling down, you may feel dizzy and light-headed.


A treadmill is an excellent equipment for people with heart problems, coronary artery blockage, or any other heart disease. Moreover, if you regularly exercise on a treadmill, it can reduce the risk of causing type 2 diabetics. It can help you to lose weight faster than any other fitness equipment by burning calories quickly.  

Many people use treadmills inappropriately and hurt themselves. Therefore, we showed the process of using a treadmill in a proper way. So, don’t forget to follow these steps and get a safe and effective workout.


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