Turning Nervous Energy into Entrepreneurial Grit


You wake up feeling that familiar knot of anxiety in your stomach. The big presentation is today, and your mind races as you review your slides for the hundredth time. You know your material inside and out, but public speaking has never been your forte. Your hands feel clammy just thinking about standing up in front of everyone.

Sound familiar? Many successful entrepreneurs experience these same feelings of nervousness and self-doubt. They’ve learned how to channel that anxious energy into determination and grit. While anxiety can be paralyzing, determination is motivating. It pushes you forward through obstacles and helps you overcome your fears.

The truth is, your anxiety and self-doubt will never completely disappear. But you can turn those feelings into fuel for your entrepreneurial fire. With practice and persistence, you can transform your nervous jitters into the resolve and perseverance needed to make your vision a reality. The secret lies in learning to reframe anxiety and see it for what it is – raw energy waiting to be harnessed.


Understanding Nervous Energy as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, nervous energy is practically a job requirement. The thrill of pursuing an idea or launching a new venture comes with many anxieties and doubts. How do you channel that nervous energy into fuel for success?

Accept the nerves

The first step is accepting that feeling nervous is normal and even healthy. Those butterflies mean you care deeply about your work and vision. Take a few deep breaths and view your anxiety as excitement rather than fear. Your passion and motivation will help propel you forward.

Focus on your “why”

Remember why you started this journey. Connecting with your purpose and vision can help calm and strengthen your nerves. It could be solving a problem, following a passion, or gaining more freedom and independence. Your “why” is your entrepreneurial grit.

Start small and build momentum

Stay calm by the big picture. Break down your goals and next steps into manageable chunks. Crossing even little milestones off your list will build your confidence and momentum. Celebrate small wins along the way!

Learn and adapt


No one has all the answers starting. Do your research, ask questions, and be willing to make mistakes and learn from them. An agile, adaptable mindset will serve you well as an entrepreneur. The more you learn, the more your confidence will grow.

With passion, purpose, and persistence, you can transform nervous energy into the drive and determination to succeed. One small step at a time, you’ll build unstoppable entrepreneurial grit.


Reframing Anxiety Into Excitement

Feeling nervous about launching your business? That anxious energy can be harnessed to fuel your entrepreneurial passion.

Reframe anxiety into excitement

Those jittery feelings mean you care deeply about your work. Channel that energy into enthusiasm and motivation. Tell yourself you’re eager to get started, not anxious. Your mindset makes a difference.

  • Replace worrying thoughts with optimistic ones. Say, “I’m excited for this opportunity!” instead of “What if I fail?”


  • Focus on the rewards, not the risks. Picture how thrilled you’ll be when you accomplish your goals.


  • Do exercises that release pent-up energy, like walking or doing light exercise. Burning off anxiety helps you think more clearly.

Start before you’re ready

Be sure to feel 100% confident. As the saying goes, “Ready, fire, aim!” Take action now, learn as you go, and make adjustments.

  • Break down big tasks into small steps. Even taking one small action can build your confidence and momentum.


  • Learn through experimentation. Try different approaches and see what works. Failure is part of the process, so get comfortable with it!


  • Connect with a mentor or join an online community of entrepreneurs. Their support and advice can help motivate you.


Turning anxious jitters into entrepreneurial passion is key to success. Have faith in yourself and your abilities, take risks, learn from your mistakes, and lean on your support network. With time and practice, that anxious energy will transform into the grit and determination you need to thrive. You’ve got this!


Developing Resilience Through Meditation

Developing mental toughness is key to overcoming the obstacles of entrepreneurship. One of the best ways to build resilience is through regular meditation practice.

Meditation helps you gain awareness and control over your thoughts. When you start a business, your mind can be flooded with worries, doubts, and “what ifs.” Meditation teaches you to observe your thoughts without judgment, letting them go without clinging to them. This can help you avoid being paralyzed by fear or anxiety.


  • Start with just 5-10 minutes a day of quiet contemplation while enjoying some delicious CBD gummies. Find a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. When thoughts arise, gently bring your focus back to your breath.


  • Build up your practice over time as you get more comfortable. Even 15-20 minutes a day can have profound benefits. The key is consistency.


  • Try guided meditations to cultivate positive qualities like patience, courage, and tranquility. These can be especially helpful for entrepreneurs.


Regular meditation practice leads to improved focus and concentration. This can help you problem-solve more effectively and make better decisions under pressure. Studies show meditation also leads to growth in areas of the brain involved in memory, sense of self, and stress regulation.


Keep going even if you find it challenging at first. Meditation is a skill that takes practice. Stay patient and consistent, and you’ll start to notice the benefits. You’ll feel less reactive to difficulties and more able to respond in a balanced, thoughtful way. This ability to remain calm and focused during turbulent times gives entrepreneurs grit and determination.


Meditation may be an ancient practice, but it cultivates skills invaluable for success in the modern world. By taming your nervous energy and developing mental toughness, you’ll have the resilience to see your vision through. For an entrepreneur, that grit and determination can make all the difference.


Building Support Systems to Manage Stress


Building a support system is critical to managing the stress and anxiety that comes with entrepreneurship. When you start to feel overwhelmed, who do you turn to? Having trusted advisors and a network of fellow entrepreneurs to call on can help you work through challenging situations and find solutions.

Connect with a mentor


Seek out a mentor, coach, or experienced entrepreneur to guide you. Meeting regularly to discuss obstacles, get advice, and brainstorm solutions can help alleviate stress. Your mentor has likely faced similar challenges and can offer empathy, insight, and support. Look for local organizations that offer mentorship programs to connect with someone whose experience aligns with your needs.

Build your network

Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs and small business owners. Look for networking events and join relevant meetup groups or LinkedIn communities to start conversations, ask questions, and make connections. These relationships can lead to collaborations, referrals, and friendships. When times get tough, your network can relate and cheer you on in ways others may not fully understand.

Find an accountability partner

Having a trusted partner to check in with regularly can help keep you accountable and motivated. Meet with a fellow entrepreneur friend or colleague weekly or bi-weekly to discuss your goals, milestones, challenges, wins, and stresses. Talking openly with someone in a similar position can help put issues in perspective, brainstorm solutions, and keep you moving forward through difficulties. Holding each other accountable to the commitments and next steps you establish in your meetings can also help increase productivity and ease anxiety.

Building strong relationships and community support goes a long way toward healthily managing the pressures of entrepreneurship. Reach out for help and be open to reciprocating for others. With the right team behind you, any challenge seems surmountable. Staying connected can alleviate isolation and make the journey much more rewarding.

Turning Self-Doubt Into Confidence

Everyone experiences self-doubt from time to time. As an entrepreneur, feelings of uncertainty and inadequacy can seem amplified. Your business idea may be groundbreaking, but that doesn’t make you immune to worrying about your abilities or skills. The key is transforming that nervous energy into grit and determination.

Challenge Negative Self-Talk

Pay attention to the way you speak to yourself. Replace phrases like “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do this” with more constructive ones, such as “I will learn and improve” or “This will be difficult, but I can succeed with hard work and persistence.” Speaking to yourself with encouragement and compassion builds confidence from the inside out.

Focus on Growth, Not Perfection

No one is born knowing how to launch a successful startup. Expect that you’ll make mistakes and experience failures—every entrepreneur does. Don’t aim for perfection; aim for progress. Look for opportunities to learn and improve each day, however small. Celebrate growth and lessons learned instead of dwelling on perceived faults or shortcomings.

Start Small and Build Momentum

Big goals and dreams are exciting but can also feel overwhelming when self-doubt creeps in. Break down large ambitions into smaller milestones. Start with what you can accomplish today, and build momentum over time. Don’t feel you have to go from 0 to 60 immediately. Take things day by day and celebrate achieving the short-term targets you set. Momentum builds confidence; you’ll be speeding down the road to success before you know it.

Turning self-doubt into unshakeable confidence and grit is a journey. Be patient with yourself, focus on progress, not perfection, and remember why you started this entrepreneurial adventure in the first place. With time and practice, nervousness will transform into determination and uncertainty into self-belief. You’ve got this!



Everyone gets nervous about taking risks and facing uncertainty. But you can channel that anxious energy into determination and perseverance. The key is not to ignore your fear but to shift your mindset. See your nerves as proof you’re pushing outside your comfort zone to pursue a worthy goal. Reframe feelings of doubt and worry as signals you’re working hard at something that matters. With practice, you can turn on that inner grit and push through. Stay focused on your vision and take things day by day. Start by doing one concrete thing to move your idea forward, then build from there. Refrain from dwelling on outcomes but celebrate small wins and lessons. You have everything it takes to succeed if you can learn to work with, not against, your nervous energy. Take a deep breath and get started. The rest will follow.



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