Top betting strategies in 2020

Top betting strategies

Experts have formulated numerous strategies for effective betting though not all of them have had the same level of success. In this guide, we take a look at some of the top betting strategies in 2020 that have benefited bettors.

Match Bets

This is one of the top Online Cricket Betting ID strategies in 2020 includes minimal risk and guarantees profits in the short-run. Since it allows one to utilize numerous promotional offers, they tend to be highly effective and enticing to bettors.

Those looking for an African betting platform can make bexchange payouts. This Betxchange app provides generous offers to get one started and make bets. This platform is also well regulated and safe so there shouldn’t be any problem regarding payments.

When you wager on a 2-way moneyline, the risks are negated through match betting. Through matched bets, regardless of how the match ends, one ends up making money. There are, however, some platforms that do not allow this strategy so it is essential to go through the conditions first.

Value Bets

This is the ideal strategy that one can have, even though it can be quite hard to master. One has to have a lot of data to pull it off. It requires, basically, one to identify opportunities that are profitable. The outcome probability determines the odds. But sometimes mistakes are made by bookies that can be exploited.

To execute these, one has to calculate the values and compare the odds before arriving at a decision. One has to be quick with the numbers. Fortunately, in our digital world, there are numerous sites that help one out in identifying the bets for users.

Middling bets

The most espoused strategy for betting sometimes is not going too high or low but finding the middle ground. Betting on spreads tends to see adjustments in line as it reacts to bets made by users. Such a movement can be quite alluring to some bettors.

As such, one can bet at the old odds and have the opportunity to go in the opposite direction and bet on new odds.

Betting 1.01

The simplest betting is 1.01 as it is quite easy to understand. This is the most cautious and most downcast bet that one can make. These odds tell what bookies know will happen 99% of the time. These apply generally to markets in-play.

The profit made through these may be minimal, but if you place numerous such bets, you can be sure of having steady profits. This is an almost risk-free strategy of building up a bankroll.

Shopping the lines

This is a strategy that is easily overlooked by many beginners. This involves checking out and comparing multiple platforms for odds on the same bet. Even if the differences are tiny, they do add up quickly, especially when one has a large bet. Sometimes, shopping lines can mark the difference between making a net gain or loss.


This is quite a creative strategy that looks to reduce risk. It combines all outcomes that are possible in the main parlay and ensures your bets. Even though one’s total output is reduced with this, it is a great method to maximize success.


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