Top Alexa Chung Outfits We Should Copy

Alexa Chung Career
Alexa Chung Career

If you have been following the fashion world, you might have heard about Alexa Chung. She is a famous British writer right now. Besides writing, she is well known as a model, television presenter, and fashion designer. However, most people follow Alexa Chung outfits because of her unique style statement.

Alexa has been popular for her iconic style. Hence, she is one of the most copied style icons right now. Many people take inspiration from her. If you want to follow her as well, we are here to help you out.

By reading this article, you will learn about top Alexa Chung outfits in 2021. Moreover, we are sharing why she has become one of the most followed fashion icons. So, let’s get started.

Alexa Chung outfits
Alexa Chung outfits

Who is Alexa Chung?

Before you learn about the outfits of Alexa Chung, you need to know about some basics. As we mentioned above, Alexa is popular as a writer, fashion designer, TV presenter, and model. She was born in Privett, Hampshire on 5th November, 1983. Her father Phillip Chung has a Chinese descent while her mother Gillian is English.

Alexa started her schooling at Perins School. Later, she got the chance to join King’s College London to study English. Moreover, she also joined Chelsea College of Arts to study arts. However, she had to leave it to pursue her modelling career.

After that, Chung got success in multiple sections. She is very popular as a writer and TV presenter. However, many people admire her because of her iconic style. That’s why we are here to share top Alexa Chung outfits.

Alexa Chung Career

Now, you know about Chung’s early life and how she got to the modeling world. You see, Chung’s career has been so exciting. It was only possible because of her amazing talents. Be it modeling or fashion designing, she has been an inspiring figure to many people. So, before we talk about her outfits, let’s give a little focus on her career.

Alexa Chung Career
Alexa Chung Career


Alexa was scouted at the age of 16. She modeled for top teen magazines including CosmoGIRL! and Elle Girl. Moreover, she worked with various reputed companies such as Sony Ericsson, Tampax, Sunsilk, and Fanta. Plus, she also appeared in several music videos.

After being a TV presenter, she returned to modeling. Chung was also the face of  Antipodium, an Australian fashion brand.

TV Presenting

As we noted above, Chung is very successful as a TV presenter. Most of the fans have been following Alexa Chung outfits since she is doing TV presenting. Chung co-hosted Alex Zane in a radio show called Popworld Radio.

She was also a guest presenter of Big Brother’s Big Mouth. Chung is also popular for presenting iTunes Festival, It’s On with Alexa Chung, and Tan France. She also launched her own YouTube channel in 2019.

Alexa Chung Career
Alexa Chung Career


Besides modeling and TV presenting, Alexa is very popular as a writer. Chung started her writing career by writing a column for Company magazine from 2007 to 2008. Then, she started writing for The Independent from 2008 to 2009.

Alexa was the contributing editor for British Vogue. Her first book was ‘It’ on 5th September 2013. Chung also interviewed popular designers Christopher Kane and Karl Lagerfeld.

Best Alexa Chung Outfits

You see, Alexa’s life can be very inspiring. If you are ready to know more, we are sharing the best Alexa Chung outfits in the following. As she is one of the popular faces in the fashion world, it would be hard to find the best outfits. That’s why we have handpicked the top six ones.

1. Topshop Jumper And Skirt

If you want a casual outfit, you need to check Chung’s Topshop jumper and skirt. Alexa wore a full-sleeved lemon jumper and an animal skirt. She also included a Chanel bag to make her style more attractive. No matter if you are going to a party or casual night out, this outfit is ideal.

2. Carven Dress

As she has been a popular face in the fashion world, her love for minidresses has been consistent. No matter if it’s a short sundress or leather minidress, she can rock the style. Hence, her Carven dress has been one of the best Alexa Chung outfits. This dress is simple yet amazing.

3. Shrimps Coat

As winter is on the way, you can try out Chung’s one of the best styles. Chung has been a fan of leopard-print coats for a long time. Hence, we can see her wearing a Shrimps coat quite often. If you are choosing this coat, it can be one of the best winter outfits for you.

4. Gucci Dress

When it comes to elegance, Gucci is one of the top brands. If you are looking for something like that, you need to check Alexa’s Gucci dress. You can wear this dress for several occasions. However, wearing his dress can rock the party. The fabric and color make this dress more attractive.

5. Loewe Dress

Besides the Gucci dress, the Loewe dress is one of the most popular Alexa Chung outfits on this list. Well, it’s rare to see Chung in ball gowns. However, this one was looking fabulous on her. This elegant Loewe dress represents her love for princess frocks. Plus, she has chosen this outfit for casual fashion.

6. Converse Trainers

Converse trainers are one of the key items on Alexa’s outfit. She has been wearing trainers for a long time. Hence, we can say that she has been experimenting with trainers as well. You see, a pair of Converse trainers can go with several outfits. If you want to wear something casual, make sure you are getting Converse trainers.


Finally, you know about Alexa Chung outfits. We have shared her top outfit this year. If you want to follow her style, make sure you are reading this article carefully. Moreover, you can also follow Chung on social media platforms. For more information regarding the fashion world, you can start your research on the internet.


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