Top 7 Fashion Trends for Upcoming Winter

Fashion Trends for Upcoming Winter

The scorching heat of the summers has withered away, no matter how much we deny it. There’s no such thing as the warm winds and pleasant breeze even as we hit September. So it’s about time we get out of the denial state and acknowledge the fact that winters are indeed here. While the fashion last year was much different than the past seasons – staying in PJs all day and night. And let’s not forget our constant scrolling of various Instagram fashion blogger’s accounts and fashion designer’s virtual runways. However, now get ready to attack the fall fashion with complete preps. Unlike the past years, this winter season witnesses some extraordinary and fluorescent bright attires. Try out the extravagant pieces, embellished handbags, and exaggerated coats, which are so good to be true. Let’s see the top 7 fashion trends upcoming winter.

Are you a downtown girl of New York City in search of a leather coat to enjoy the breezy weather? Or a Seattleite looking out for a jacket to keep you warm during crisp mornings? Or someone who wishes to enjoy the chilly evenings and freezy nights? Don’t worry. Winter 2021 has got something for every one of us.

Ahead, fall fashion trends for the fashion freaks to try out during this winter gloom:

1. Leather Coats are on the Rise

Here is the good news for the fans of environmental fashion – leather coats are back with a bang! The textile and fashion industry has focused on using alternative materials to achieve an environment-friendly and luxurious look. Therefore, you can go for eco friendly winter coats to keep yourself warm and snug during the frosty months. Moreover, the apparel contains sustainable fiber and fabric, thereby reducing the carbon footprint in the atmosphere. You can layer this outerwear with either skirts or trousers to make a dress.

2. Try Puff Pieces

Along with the usual checklist of ‘lipsticks, car keys, and credit cards,’ the pandemic has forced us to keep face masks and hand sanitizers with us. Yet, it has weakened the enthusiasm and spirit of fashionistas to go ‘out and about.’ The trend of puffy dresses might have fled from our minds, but it is still here. The more extravagant the puffy dress, the more it stands out. So make puff jackets the central part of your wardrobe and wear them even if it is just for a grocery run.

3. The Fantasy of Sheer

Do you also feel the urge to open the doors of your closet, pull out stylish and dancing attire, wing and eyeliner, and enjoy the night? Then, shop for the sheer gown as the winter catwalks are all about it. Embellished with satins and sequins – this outfit is most certainly the center of attention for parties. And if you like to flaunt a bit of your skin in the winter but wish to prevent frostbite, then wear sheer stockings.

4. Play with Saturated Hues

Spice things up with a multitude of bright and saturated colors. Unlike previous seasons, this winter is all about solo pop colors. Find a color that best suits your body and channel your spirit with that dress. Add a classy and formal dimension by exploring different colors – bright red to hot pink to lavender and cobalt blue and have fun this fall season. Do you get an eye on yellow maxi coats? Try it on with the same color handbag and shoes.

5. Inject Romance with Knitted Wears

How cute do the knitted sweaters look? The trend of knitted wear has gnarled us with a comfortable yet elegant style. Experience the winter reign with these clothes as it is one of the long-lived fashion looks of the winters. A perfect replacement for a hoodie – these sweaters glorify your look and give a sophisticated touch. Collared knitted wear or cables-covered sweaters are the ones that run the whole gambit.

6. Add Wide Pants to Your Wardrobe

Eager to step out of the loungewear you have been wearing for the past year but still don’t want to give up the comfort it gives? Here you go. See how your confidence soars upwards with loose-style pants, such as mom jeans and boot cuts. 

Wide trousers of cotton, silk, woolen, or pleats of various colors and styles seal the deal for this fall season. Compliment your body with a loose t-shirt to give a funky spin, or tuck your blouse in jeans for a subtle twist.

7. Explore the World with High-Heel Boots

Invest a fortune to delve into the newest and latest fashion trends this winter by wearing high-heel boots. Give yourself an additional height and slip on these warm yet stunning boots.

Rock the boots by slipping on a trouser, mini-skirt, button-down coat, leather jacket or a velvet blazer. Or better yet, step out wearing this heightened footwear, especially on date nights, to lift your game. You can either opt for pitch-black, white or try neutral shades of cream.

Final Words

If the idea of a winter fashion wardrobe doesn’t get you thrilled for the cold days ahead, we have no idea what will. Aside from cocoa, of course, it’s merely a single unique thing we anticipate with pleasure. And since the winters are just around the corner, get prepared to shop for the most sensual and hottest assortment.

From street fashion icons to the couturier’s dresses, this winter is all about stunning looks. Try out different saturated tones and heaps of vibrant colors since the fall collection offers unique trends for everyone. (Xanax) But, of course, the definition of fashion has changed in the last year. Still, the virtual ramp walks assured us that the sartorial elegance awaits at the brim of winter 2021.


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