The Most Interesting Games Based On Cartoons about Treasure Hunting


While searching for video games based on cartoons, take a closer look at projects presented at our portal. We have collected the best entertainment of all times, which will enable users to plunge into a fascinating world and have a great time relaxing. Each game is interesting in its own way and includes famous characters. You will go in search of gold, uncover the secrets of uncharted territories, and test your luck in solving complex puzzles alongside cartoon characters. If you decide to proceed to more serious entertainment, visit the best online casino USA.

Advantages of Treasure Hunting Games PC and Online

You can select treasure hunting games on PC, as well as online projects. It all depends on personal preferences and technical capabilities. The advantages of the versions for the computer are as follows:

  • stability of the gameplay;
  • extensive functionality;
  • the ability to play offline.

Often, various add-ons are released for PC projects, which introduce new twists to the plot and increase the interest in completing the quests.

Treasure hunting games online are no less fascinating. But they can only be run with a stable connection to the Internet. This is the main disadvantage because access to the network is not always there. But the advantage is that you do not have to download and install the game on your device. This is especially true when it has insufficient memory.

Cartoon PC Games: List of the Best Projects

Cartoons about treasure hunts are incredibly interesting. This is due to the unexpected development of the storyline, and the opportunity to test the fortune and get the main reward in a challenging venture. Children and adults take a seat near the screens when the cartoon about treasure hunters is shown. That is why the developers of computer games have decided to release extraordinary projects where gamblers try on the role of tireless adventurers. Look for untold riches at any time. For ease of choice, you are offered a cartoon PC games list, as well as projects for consoles. The most popular versions include

  • CatDog: Quest for the Golden Hydrant;
  • The Flintstones: King Rock Treasure Island;
  • The Flintstones: The Treasure Of Sierra Madrock.

Each game has an original storyline. Together with the main characters, you have to pass dangerous tests and get to the coveted treasure.

CatDog: Quest for the Golden Hydrant

CatDog is a popular cartoon series character. This time the strange creature has to find the Golden Hydrant. CatDog believes that if it succeeds, it will become one of the richest characters in the universe.

Together with the main character, you will have to go through six mini-games, and there are 10 levels for each of them. Some of the main offers include:

  • Greaser’s the Word, where you have to look for coupons to open the treasure map;
  • Iced, Thawed, and Delivered. Here you have to get to the trading station while avoiding obstacles;
  • Climb Every CatDog. Together with the main character, climb the high mountain collecting bonuses at the same time;
  • Space Madness. Take part in a third-person shooter that will unfold in the center of the galaxy;
  • Taco Trouble. Collect and deliver tacos to your destination, while running away from enemies;
  • Queen of Denial. Reach the Golden Hydrant by making your way through a historical museum.

Be on the alert as danger awaits you at every step. Whether you’ll get rich together with the main character depends on your reaction, speed, and good luck.

The Flintstones: King Rock Treasure Island

The game is based on an animated series about ancient people. According to the plot, Fred Flintstone finds a treasure map. He shows interest in finding untold riches, and you have to help him. To get the treasure, you need to pass seven levels of different complexity. Some of them end in a grand battle with the boss.

To successfully pass the levels, Fred is offered axes. They are designed to eliminate enemies while moving around the map. However, hitting enemies doesn’t kill them all at once. Initially, the enemy freezes, and you can use the enemy as a stepping stone to overcome the height.

As you progress through the levels, you can collect bonuses. There is one bonus with which Fred can ride a dinosaur. Thanks to the new character, you can jump higher and throw axes straight instead of sideways.

The Flintstones: The Treasure Of Sierra Madrock

This is another project based on the famous animated series. The Flintstones: The Treasure Of Sierra Madrock has a plot that is quite interesting. According to the developer’s idea, the Great Puba (the chairman of the Water Buffalo Club) is retiring. Many characters want to take his place, so the new head will be determined after the competition. The contestants must find the treasure. Whoever finds it first is the winner.

The provider offers several maps to pass, and each of them has various levels. The roll of the dice decides which map is yours. Follow the winding path to victory, overcome obstacles, collect bonuses, and make your way to the top.

Games Based on Anime and Cartoons Based on Video Entertainment: Originality in Every Element

Anime is a popular genre that appeals to children and adults alike. Cartoons reveal the struggle between good and evil and the value of friendship. Because of the wide public interest in the genre, the developers have created games based on anime. You are unlikely to find a project where you have to go in search of gold. Basically, here you have to go through a difficult path, clearing the world of evil.

Anime games Year of release
Tales of Arise 2021
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet 2018
Neo: The World Ends with You 2021

Animated series based on video games are no less popular.  Some games have a resounding success among users. They are so intriguing and immersive in a virtual world that the creators of animated games are thinking about releasing several series for the big screens, for instance, Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge.


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