The Best Foldable Phones You Should Consider Purchasing

Best Foldable Phones

With smartphone technology becoming better with each passing, the introduction and rising popularity of foldable phones was an inevitable transition. Brands started considering foldable phones in late 2019. Now, two years later, several brands have come up with their take on foldable phones, and users can’t get enough of this new form factor. It is a lot like playing free pokies onlineyou get the same features and fun in a new avatar. So, if you have been planning to buy one of the best foldable phones this year, here are the five options to consider.

1. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 

The new and improved Galaxy Z Flip 3 has come a long way from the Galaxy Z Flip 5G. The phone is more durable, and the cover has improved immensely. It displays more details now as the screen is larger. The design of Flip 3 is streamlined with vivid colours and squared edges. Also, several internal changes have come around in the device, which includes the Snapdragon 888 processor. The battery and cameras stay the same, even though this one lacks the telephoto lens.  

The price point also makes the Galaxy Flip 3 a highly affordable model in the market. Moreover, though the battery life isn’t outstanding, it does the job well. All in all, the affordable starting price and the plethora of features make this phone the one that’s grabbing all the attention. It is quite the looker and will fold up nicely to fit into your pocket. 

Top features: 

  • Better cover display 
  • Better durability 
  • More affordability 

2. Motorola Razr 5G 

Moto Razr 5G is the brand’s attempt to pull the trick that Samsung tried with their Galaxy Fold 2 – following up a not-so-sensational product with a smashing sequel. If you have not tried your hand at Moto Razr 5G yet, you should know that it is a lot like winning Infinity slots free coins. Not only are the slots fun, but you also get a chance to win big. Also, if you have tried the actual Motor Razr launched in 2019, you can at least be assured that the brand can only go up from that point. The actual Razr was pretty sleek to look at, reminding you of those flip phones that were quite the rage at a certain point.  

However, the original Razr failed to impress in terms of its camera and build quality, which made the phone give up after just six hours of battery testing. The new 5G version of the phone seems to have come as a correction of all such issues. Additionally, it has some major design changes, such as a teardrop folded display to keep both sides of your phone flush while it’s shut. You will also find a durable hinge and tapered chin. The Quick View screen on the outside now comes with gesture control, so you can do a lot more with that part. You will also get better connectivity and faster working due to the 5G and Snapdragon 765G processors. But the price of the device remains pretty high, which can be one of the major aspects stopping many buyers. 

Top features: 

  • Stay connected with 5G connectivity 
  • The quick display comes with gesture controls for easy access to information 

3. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 

This model continues to be the standard for almost all foldable phones in the market. Galaxy Z Fold 3 has deftly handled all the criticisms of the earlier models and added the necessary changes in it. For instance, it has a 120Hz refresh rate on both displays, which was once a major point of criticism. Though the price could have been a bit more affordable, it is also true that the starting price of Fold 3 is still lower than the Fold 2 during its debut a year back. The durability has improved – it comes with a highly durable screen and greater water resistance. So, you can be assured that the strains of everyday use will not wear it down. The brand has roped in more experienced app makers to ensure they make optimized software for the innovative 7.6” display. 

Top features: 

  • Greater multitasking by apps 
  • 120Hz refresh rate 
  • Greater durability and water resistance 

4. Microsoft Surface Duo 

Another popular device to watch out for this year is Microsoft Surface Duo – call it a twin-screen wonder for its features. It does not have a typical foldable display, but it gets together two separate screens on both sides of the slim and patented hinge that does a 360-degrees rotation. One of the factors that make this phone really exciting for buyers is that they can freely multitask simultaneously on two separate screens. Additionally, the Surface Duo comes with the advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and has two 5.6” screens. That’s not all! It uses a customized Android build created in collaboration with Google. 

Top features: 

  • Slim and patented hinge doing a 360-degrees rotation 
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and has two 5.6” screens 
  • Customized Android built by Google 

5. Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold 

Xiaomi Mi MIX has brought together the best of both worlds. It has an inward folding feature like Mate X2 and Galaxy Fold 2, and it is affordable as well. You will find an 8” flexible AMOLED panel and WQHD+ resolution inside. Additionally, there is HDR10+, Dolby Vision, 600-nits top brightness, 120Hz touch rate, and 60Hz refresh rate. When you move to the front, you will get a 6.5” AMOLED screen, with HDR10+, Dolby Vision, 900-nits top brightness, 180Hz touch rate, and 90Hz refresh rate – it’s beautiful inside out. Moreover, the liquid lens can do a 3x optical zoom and 3 cm close-up macros, along with a 108MP main camera. It has a flagship Snapdragon 888, 16GB LPDDR5 RAM, 67W turbocharger, 5020mAh battery, 512GB UFS, and quad-speakers. 

Top features: 

  • Great features available on both sides 
  • 3x optical zoom and 3 cm macros 
  • 5020mAh battery and 67W turbocharger 

Things to Look for in a Foldable Phone 2021 

It is important to pay attention to the construction of the device. You wouldn’t want something that creates an obstruction in the middle because of the foldable design. Moreover, the two screens are also to be considered when buying foldable phones. Consider what can be done on the outer screen – does it only support notifications, or can it run complete apps? Then, there is the size to consider. (Ambien) The folded version should be small enough to fit in your pocket. After all, this is one reason why you bought the phone. Finally, the technical details like camera, processor, and battery life are also factors to check. 



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