Tattoo Healing Process: Diverse Stages You Should Be Aware of

tattoo healing process

In the modern age, people often wear tattoos with amazing confidence. They often inflict tattoos on their arms either on several special occasions such as their birthdays, and anniversaries. Else, they often  wear tattoos on their body parts either to please their spouse or in the name of their loved ones. Well, reasons for tattooing can be myriad, but it is an evident truth that tattoo healing takes enough time and it is a gradual process. Many people are quite unaware of the varied stages of tattoo healing but they find it quite a difficult process to make the tattoo healing process go smoothly. So, let’s have a quick snapshot of the diverse stages of the tattoo healing process.

On What Factors Does the Tattoo Healing Process Depend?

Are you wondering what stages the tattoo healing process depends on? Well, tattoo healing is a wonderful stage that helps you all to get your wounds healed completely. But you should know that the tattoo healing process also counts on several factors that make you feel soothing and fresh. Let’s have a sneak peek at some of those factors.

1)Type of the Tattoo: The tattoo healing process depends on varied factors. One of the best factors on which tattoo healing depends is to see the type of tattoo. If your tattoo. For example, if you have chosen coloured tattoos, you must know that these types of tattoos take so much longer to heal. Instead, if you choose a grey tattoo, it will take less time to heal as compared to the grey tattoo.

2) The Type of Body Parts: You should stay aware that if a tattoo is inflicted on open body parts, it takes less time to heal, instead, if a tattoo is inflicted on such body parts that are covered with clothes, it may take a long time to heal the tattoo.

tattoo healing process

The Multiple Stages of Tattoo Healing Process You Should Be Aware of 

 Stage One: Day One to Seven: Oh! your tattooing process has been done, it will give your body parts say your arms a perfect look and appeal always. But after this process, your entire tattoo healing process should pass from the diverse stages. So, as you are passing through diverse weeks, your tattoo will gradually heal. But let’s first observe what will happen in the first week of the tattoo healing process. The new tattoo will be bandaged first, and then it will become an open wound therefore, in the tattoo healing process, it requires proper after-care solutions. The body parts where your tattoo is inflicted, there your body will tend to show some signs of redness and oozing. It will last at least a week.

Stage Two: Days 7 to Day 14: Now, we are talking about the second week of the tattoo healing process. Well, we can consider tattoo healing- a wound that will take time to heal. In the second week of the tattoo healing, you will feel a lot of itching, and flaking. Whenever the itching, and flaking on your arms begins, you must stay away from it, and should never have any tendency to scratch the wounds. Instead, if you want to get rid of itching, and flaking, choose to pick an aftercare step that will help you heal the process of itching. You can use a moisturiser recommended by the tattoo artists, or else, you will see a doctor, and use a moisturiser as prescribed by him. It will help you to get rid of all the itching and flaking on your body.

Stage Three: Days 15 to 30: Now, we are at a stage where tattoo healing will make us feel extremely amazing and soothing. In this stage, you will come across diverse problems that you can easily solve by taking care of some cool steps. For example, in this stage, your tattoo will no longer have any itching, but it will dry out to a certain extent. You must know that if your tattoo does not show signs of dryness, it can be a case of an inflicted tattoo. Now, you will observe that your tattoo does not appear bright at all just because of all the signs of dryness it takes into the picture.

tattoo healing process
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Stage Four: Month Two to Six: This is the last stage of the tattoo healing process where you will feel that your tattoo healing process has completely healed. Well, this last stage of tattoo healing will be quite an effective stage where you will no longer see any signs of dryness, redness, or even flakiness. Your tattoo will be on the verge of complete healing. At this point, you should begin the aftercare process. Continue wearing moisturiser, and SPF lotion. We would advise you that after two to six months, you must begin wearing sun-protective clothing.

The Bottom Lines:

Now, you are quite aware of the tattoo healing process, and its diverse stages. Once you are aware of the entire stages of tattoo healing, you should stay aware of certain aftercare tips as well. For example, you should use a healing ointment, and antibacterial soap for tattoo aftercare.


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