How To Lose Chest Fat: 8 Pro Tips to Follow

How To Lose Chest Fat

In today’s generation, it gets pretty hard to stop yourself from eating junk food. Almost every day, we get a mood spoiler that can be rectified only with tastier food and not the healthier ones. Of course, healthy food can be tasty, but mostly it is not. Thus, by eating too much junk food, butter, oil, ghee, sugar and fried food, we invite an unwanted excess of fat. This fat gets accumulated in the body and results in heavy thighs, increased belly fat and increased chest fat. The important question is how it can be removed quickly. Following exercise and a healthy diet is the only answer to it. But if you want to get into the details, below is a deeply explained method of how to lose chest fat.

The causes Of Increased Chest Fat 

Once you get to know the cause of the disease, it gets easy to cure it because now you know what is to be eliminated to completely treat the disease and close all doors for it to come back. Here are some of the causes by elimination of which the excess chest fat might get eliminated.

  • Genetic: It can be genetic most of the time. This means that your genetic trait might follow heavy chests or breasts in women. If your parents or siblings have it, you might have it too.
  • Hormonal: Certain things might be hormonal, like increased chest fat. Especially in males, the increased levels of testosterone and in females, the increased levels of estrogen can result in increased chest fat. 
  • Eating Habits: Poor eating habits is one of the major causes that result in excess chest fat. Eating junk and eating too much without distributing your hunger into portions can lead you to gain extra weight. 
  • Underlying Disease: Many underlying diseases like thyroid creates a hormonal imbalance which results in weight gain and extra accumulation of the fat in our body.
  • Lifestyle: Poor lifestyle results in obesity. No exercise with poor eating habits and laziness to add on is the worst that can happen. 

How To Lose Chest Fat 

Now since you know the causes of the excess chest fat, bigger lifestyle changes can help you to reduce fat. The two major changes that must be made in your daily routine are a change in dietary habits and adding some exercises to your to-do list. Both of them are unwrapped below:

1. Exercise 

Several exercises can be done to remove excess chest fat from the body. Exercise or weight training increases the metabolism of the body, further leading to excess fat burning. Some of the exercises which will help you to lose the chest fat for sure are given below:

2. Push-Ups 

To begin with, you must do 20 to 30 push-ups regularly. Put your palms and toes on the floor and lie down. Pick your body up with your palms and toes still touching the floor. Bring your chest near the floor but do not touch it. Your body alignment must be parallel to the floor. By doing this, triceps, shoulders and chest muscles get to lose their extra fat and build themselves up.

3. Bench Press 

The bench press is one of the most important exercises you must get to lose your chest fat. Lie down with your back straight on a bench with your face facing the ceiling. Take your dumbbells in both your hands. By keeping the dumbbells at your chest level, take them upwards, again towards the ceiling and then bring them back to the chest level. Repeat this 12 to 15 times in one cycle and repeat the cycle thrice. This helps decrease the chest fat and strengthens your chest and shoulder. 

4. Cable Cross 

There are two poles interlinked with a rod. Both sides of the poles contain weights. And each of the poles has a thick braided wire attached to the weights. When these cables are pulled with both hands and stretched and crossed by standing straight between the poles, it burns the excess fat in the chest.

5. Pullover 

The pullover is a must-have exercise on the list. There is a bar placed above some height over your head. You jump and hold that bar in both of your hands and try to pull yourself over that bar. This improved not only your chest muscles but also the muscles of your arms. 

6. Cardio 

Cardio is the best exercise to remove the chest fat and does not include weight lifting. It includes walking, running and swimming like exercises which increase the metabolism of the body and help to lose some weight. Thus, cardio doesn’t even require a gym. A run in a park can also help you reduce some weight. 

7. Chest Fly 

Chest fly means holding the dumbbells in your hand and keeping it at your chest level but apart from it while you lie down straight with your back on the bench. Stretch your hands holding dumbbells away from the chest and bring them back near to them in a flying wing motion. This exercise helps to reduce chest fat faster.

Chest Fly

8. Food

Several dietary changes are to be made when it comes to how to lose chest fat. Some of the major changes that are required are given below:

  • Vegetables: Start eating green vegetables more but others too to attain healthy dietary habits. Include fruits in your breakfast over bread butter.
  • No Alcohol: Avoid intoxication. Not only the alcohol but cigarettes and any sort of drugs too.
  • No High Processed Food 
  • Balanced Diet 
  • Low Sugar Diet 
  • Consult Dietician: Consult your dietician as they are the ones to guide you on the food habits you should acquire. 


These were some of the most popular as well as most beneficial methods of how to lose chest fat. The tips given in the diet section must be followed to lead a healthy lifestyle. Exercises given are important to be performed to answer how to lose chest fat in a more formatted way. 


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