Exercises for Hip Mobility- 3 Exercises to Perform

Exercises for hip mobility

Hip mobility and flexibility are sometimes mistakenly considered to be the same thing. But they are two entirely different concepts. Good mobility helps us protect against injuries and improves the flexibility of the hips. As against it, hip flexibility involves the passive movement of the hips. We often look forward to enhancing hip mobility to maintain balance and relieve tight hips. Hip mobility improves the balance of the hips and prevents injuries. Hips become immobile because of excessive sitting and performing too few exercises. So, if we want to overcome the issue of hip immobility, we should perform some exercises for hip mobility that will give us great results. In this blog post, we have covered the top 7 exercises to improve your hip mobility.

Bookmark these exercises for Hip Mobility

Anyone who wants proper body balance, a proper posture, or reasonable physical performance should opt for hip mobility exercises because hip mobility exercises play a crucial role in relieving pain and discomfort caused by tight hips and inflexibility. The best practices for hip mobility are given below.

1) Hip Circles

Hip Circles

Hip circles are one of the most important exercises that are quite helpful in improving the mobility of the hips. It is a dynamic hip stretching exercise that offers a lot of benefits to athletes, runners, and anyone who wants to increase hip mobility. This exercise will target the hip joints and the surrounding muscles.

Listed below are some steps that you should consider while doing hip circles. Following these steps will assure you that you are doing this exercise properly. 

  1. First of all, you require a yoga mat. 
  2. Simply stand on the mat, keeping your back straight. 
  3. Now, place your hands on one hip each. 
  4. Leave your body free and let all your weight on one foot. 
  5. Once done, form a small circle with your hips. 
  6. Keep on doing these rotations, first in clockwise direction and then in anti-clockwise directions.
  7. Make yourself comfortable and increase the size of the circle according to your convenience. 
  8. For best result, complete at least twenty reps daily. 

Benefits of Performing Hip Circles

Hip circles are one of the most demanding exercises for hip mobility. Its various benefits are as follows:

1) Hip circles are an essential exercise for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to improve the flexibility of their hips.

2) It is a great exercise that relieves hip pain due to overuse of hips and tightness of muscles.

3) Hip circles can be done anywhere; therefore, it is easy to perform this exercise.

4) This exercise leads to improved posture.

5) Strong hip muscles lead to a lower risk of injuries; therefore, performing hip circles is crucial for you.

2) Butterfly Stretch

Exercises for hip mobility

The butterfly stretch is an important exercise for enhancing hip mobility. It is a wonderful exercise that improves your hip mobility by gently involving the muscles.

Steps to Perform Butterfly Stretch

1) Keep your back straight, and then sit on the floor or mat. When you sit, keep your core muscles engaged.

2) Bend your knees so that the bottoms of your feet are pressed against each other.

3) Now, bring your hands near your feet and hold the feet firmly with your hands.

4) Bend your hips forward, keep your back straight, and apply gentle pressure to the inner thigh.

5) Keep this posture for at least 30 seconds, and extend its timing to 60 seconds for the best results.

Benefits of Butterfly Stretch for Hip Mobility

1) Performing a butterfly stretch loosens up the tightness in the hips.

2) It reduces pain due to tightness and improves muscle flexibility.

3) This exercise stretches your hips and improves blood circulation.

4) Performing this pose for 60 seconds helps improve flexibility and reduce muscle tension.

5) It is useful for stretching the muscles near the pelvis area.

3) 90/90 Hip Stretch

90-90 Muscle stretch

 If you are hunting the internet for the best exercises for hip mobility, you will come across the 90/90 hip opener because 90/90 stretching is a boon for hip mobility. You hips will rotate in two different ways when you perform this exercise. When doing 90/90 hip stretching, your one hip will tend to rotate internally while the other one will experience external rotation. 

Steps to Perform 90/90 Hip Stretching

  1. Grab a yoga mat and sit on it.
  2. Stand straight and bend your legs at 90 degree. 
  3. If you face any difficulty in making doing this position, you can also place your hands ton the floor. This will give you some extra support. 
  4. Now, you have to lift your foot in the air.
  5. Keep on doing these rotations. Do them first in a clockwise direction and then in an anti-clockwise direction.
  6. You need to keep a check if your knee is in line with your hip or not. Also, leave your ankle in a neutral position. 
  7. While performing this exercise, don’t put any pressure on your right foot. Let it relax for a while until you are done with one foot. 
  8. Once done, switch your foot and repeat the entire process again

Closing Notion

Performing exercises for hip mobility is one of the best ways to reduce muscle tightness and the pain caused by it. Keeping your hips active and reducing their immobility is your responsibility. So, the best thing to do is to perform hip mobility exercises. Whenever you perform these exercises, you will notice that your hips become active over time. All in all, performing these hip-mobility exercises is a great boon, as it helps you to improve your body’s flexibility and motion. So, if you target flexibility, and reduced muscle tension, choosing for hip mobility is one of the most amazing exercises for you.


1) How many times in a day you should do hip mobility exercises?

You must perform hip mobility exercises at least three times a day.

2) How many muscles in total affect hip mobility?

Fifteen muscles in our body can impact our hip mobility. In other words, these muscles jointly act to improve the hip mobility of our body.

3) Why should you perform hip mobility exercises?

You should perform hip mobility exercises because you may feel tight hips because of inactivity. The tight hips may result in pain, and therefore, you should perform mobility exercises.

4) What are the signs of poor hip mobility?

You can see a lot of the worst impact of hip mobility on your body. You can observe lower back pain,  extreme hip pain, and knee pain.

5) Is walking good for tight muscles?

Walking for at least 30 to 45 minutes a day is a boon for resolving tight hip muscles and improving flexibility. Therefore, you should walk for at least half an hour a day to improve your muscle flexibility and hip mobility.



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