Second Lockdown in France, Macron Hopes to Bring Down Infection Rate

Second Lockdown in France

The second lockdown in France starts in the last week of October as part of a trial to restrict the COVID-19 pandemic. Emmanuel Macron, President of France, says that presently a nationwide lockdown is the only ray of hope in a public conference. Since the virus is again threatening people across the country, everyone must understand that it is an individual responsibility to follow restrictions to stay safe.

In the speech, Macron announced the second lockdown in France and also the new set of guidelines. Firstly, the lockdown will stretch up to December 1. Within this time, everyone must stay at home except for an emergency. An emergency only means going out to purchase necessary goods, one- hour for exercise, and visiting the doctor. President Emmanuel Macron sounds stricter when he says that every person stepping out of the house must be carrying a document. The same must mention the reason for stepping out, and the local police have the right to demand such a document at any time.

List of restriction in the second lockdown in France

The list of restrictions especially mentions the closing down of all shops, cafes, restaurants, and more that do not sell essential commodities. However, he assures everyone that there may be a change in guidelines after two weeks of lockdown. The latter part of the restriction is to comfort all small businessmen that they will not run into losses entirely.

On the other hand, Germany also announced a new nationwide lockdown on October 28. The massive news of two of the biggest European economies shutting down has affected the stock market badly. In this context, Ireland recently announces that they will refrain from taking any drastic measures for the economy’s sake. However, the Irish Government also publishes a list of basic guidelines that people must follow till further notice.

This time, France sounds more liberal because they allow employees to go out for work if there is no other way out. Besides, there is one more shocking decision by Macron that is entirely different from the first lockdown restriction. It is that schools all over the country will remain open despite the lockdown.

President Macron’s decision brings a ray of hope.

According to Macron, the circulation rate of the virus is more than the forecast of any pessimist. He also says that everyone is now in the same position. However, they will have to go through the second round of restrictions knowing that it will be tough. Macron says that he is sure that a nationwide lockdown is the only solution to the present problem, which is deadly.

The second lockdown in France is the repetition of the eight-week restriction that they implemented during Spring. The infection rate was at its peak during that time. Moreover, the first lockdown proved to be very useful. However, relaxing all the rules has now led to such a big problem. Last week, France reported over 500 new casualties within a span of 24-hours. It is the highest figure since April when the pandemic was at its worst.

Doctors in the country are warning that the ICU admission rate will be more overwhelming than ever. The death figure in France is beyond 35,000. The government is leading the charts at number seven right now. Earlier in October, President Macron ordered a night curfew in all the bigger cities in France, including Paris. However, officials on duty reported that a mere curfew is insufficient, and infection rates are not going down.


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