Lashes that can be Worn Everyday

Lashes that can be Worn Everyday

False everyday lashes are an interesting tool to help you jazz up your daily look. Not only do they have the power to make your eyes look more striking, but when worn daily they can make your daily look to be extra memorable. When it comes to wearing false lashes regularly, one of the most important things to check is to see if they are the kind that is easily put on and taken off. Here is a quick guide to help you on Lashes that can be Worn every day for a glamorous look!

Types of Lashes 

There are three main types of false lashes that can be worn everyday. Different people have different preferences when it comes to choosing the false lashes right for them. In order to decide which one is the right choice for you, it is helpful to evaluate the differences between the three kinds. 

  •  Strip Lashes: most beginners opt for strip lashes as they are amongst the most versatile of options. These lashes come in a ‘strip’ that can be applied on top of one’s own lashes. One can easily trim strip lashes to suit their particular needs andlength preferences. 
  • Individual Flare ‘Cluster’ Lashes: in order to apply flare lashes one needs a great amount of skill and dedication as each lash needs to be applied individually. Usually these types of lashes are applied on eyes by an experienced professional. Individual flare lashes have three different lengths that can be placed depending on personal preferences. 
  • Individual Single Lashes: unlike strip and individual flare lashes, these lashes are more permanent as they work in a way similar to eye lash extensions. It may not come as a surprise that due to their less temporary nature, these lashes need to be applied by professionals in a salon to ensure correct application. 

Thus, it has been established that there are many different kinds of false everyday  lashes available, both of a temporary and a permanent variety. However due to their differences in application, it is important to consider the matter of their application, as some lashes require a greater amount of skill to put on. 

Wearable Lash Materials

When it comes to choosing false lashes one of the most important things to consider is wear-ability. It is no secret that different brands use different materials to make their faux lashes. Some materials are heavier than others while others might be a cause of allergic reactions. 

If you intend to choose lashes that can be worn daily, it is essential that you get the material that suits you best. 

  •  Synthetic Lashes: the most commonly available lashes are those made of PBT plastic fiber. These are disposable ‘single-use’ lashes that are thick and thus feel heavy on the eye lids. Moreover, wearing these lashes for longer periods may cause allergic reactions. 
  • Human Hair Lashes: as their name suggests, these lashes are made of human hair which means that they are lighter in weight and more comfortable than synthetic lashes.
  • Silk Lashes: these are gaining popularity due to their natural look and comfortable wear, especially for long periods of time.


False lashes are incredibly fun to wear, and if put on correctly have the ability to make your daily fashion styles a truly tasteful fashion statement. When it comes to picking out the perfect lashes to wear, it is important that you consider how easily they can be worn. 

There are many different types of false lashes available on the market and it is important that you choose the one that best suits your skillset so that they can be put on easily. Moreover the ideal lashes should be comfortable to wear for longer stretchesof time.


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