What to Look for in a Exercise Bike for Short Person?

Exercise Bike for Short Person

For a cardio workout, strengthening the upper body and leg muscles, the ideal choice is exercise bikes. These bikes work effectively to burn calories and make the heart and lungs work perfectly. People of all ages can conveniently use the exercise bike to stay fit and healthy. For getting the best outcome, you should select a bike that perfectly goes with your height. Else, it will lead to having body aches, pain, and make you feel uncomfortable while riding. Therefore, we will provide what to look for in the best exercise bike for short person in this article.

Types of Bikes for a Short Person

Exercise bikes are the best as home fitness equipment, but it is also used at fitness clubs or gyms. It is the best for high intensity or low-impact cardio along with building strength and endurance. But to get the most benefits, you should get the best exercise bike for short person or a tall person.

It is essential to match the bike with your body height. Else, it will be challenging to work out accurately. Before choosing the perfect sized bike, let’s see what type of exercise bikes are available in the market. It falls into three categories like a recumbent exercise bike, indoor cycling bike, and upright exercise bike.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

This bike comes with a reclined design, which helps the rider by dividing the weight evenly. It has a chair-like seat that allows the rider to lie back while cycling. Recumbent bikes are well known for more comfort, reducing knee stress, fixing back pain, and low-intensive workouts.

Indoor Cycling Bike

This bike is almost like the upright bikes. The main difference between them is indoor bikes are designed with a large flywheel and an inclination. It runs without electricity and offers more intense and demanding workout sessions like outdoor cycling. This bike allows the rider to engage more muscles with the bending down position.

Upright Exercise Bike

Upright exercise bikes are used widely in the home, gym, and health clubs. Riders have to sit in an upright position while paddling. It comes with minimal design, the smallest footprint, and great portability. For lower body exercise, this bike is most recommended. There are few models that offer upper body workouts also. To ensure a solid cardio workout, it is the ideal exercise equipment.

What to Look for in a Exercise Bike for Short Person?

While choosing an exercise bike, you must consider suitability and comfort. An imperfect bike can lead to long term injury, body pain, aches, strains, and many more. Getting the perfect fitted bike is really tough, but you can easily get it if you consider some facts. Here we will provide what to look forin the best exercise bike for short person?  

Seat Height

While looking for an exercise bike, first adjust the seat height with our height before buying the hand palm flat on the top of the bike seat. Then put the thumb on the hip bone. It is the most simple method for measuring the perfect height with the exercise bike.

You can also sit on the bike, then put your heels safely on the bike pedal and start paddling. The knee should be bent slightly, about 5 to 35 degrees. If the knee slightly bends, then you are good to go. Both these methods are adequate for short people.

Pedal and Handle Distance

Make sure there is enough space between the handle and pedal. It allows your knee not to get a knock with the handle and ensure free riding. Therefore, check the handlebar’s position carefully before purchasing the bike.

Otherwise, while paddling, you can’t bend your elbow comfortably. Also, check properly if the bike has any straps to hold the feet safely on the pedals. During cycling, it will safely grab the feet and allow a smooth pedal stroke.


Resistance lets you work out according to your fitness level. Resistance happens with the tension feeling while pedaling the bike. Commonly exercise bikes come with three types of resistance like mechanical, magnetic, and strap-based resistance. Lower-end bikes use strap-based resistance, which is attached to the flywheel. This strap tightens the flywheel to create resistance.

Mechanical resistance comes with rubber pads located on the flywheel’s top side. With the turning of the tension knob, the flywheel started creating friction and causing resistance. With magnetic resistance, you will find two magnets close to the flywheel. Knob magnets get closer with the increasing tension and speed up the resistance.


You should always prefer comfort above everything. Look out for those features that added extra comfort while cycling. For example, padded seat, backrest, the width of the seat, padded handles, etc. You can sit with flexibility if the seat comes with extra padding.

Open frame bikes allow you to get in and down without knocking your leg with anything. For a comfortable and robust grip, choose a bike with padded handles. You can also look for a bike that comes with a backrest so that you can paddle by leaning your back.


Make sure the bike has a brighter display with easy control buttons. It will show you the real-time workout progress. You can see the speed, resistance level, distance time, calories burnt, heart rate, etc., on display. The computer console helps to see the leg power also allows the riders to identify the muscle balance.


For having some extra benefits, you can look for built-in fans, bottle holders, magazine stands, sound systems, remote control cups, etc.; while biking the built-in fans will ensure airflow to keep you cool. You can listen to music with the sound system when feeling bored. The most important feature is the safety lock; it will secure the bike while not using it.

Benefits of Choosing the Perfect Sized Exercise Bike

Exercise bike provides huge benefits to stay fit and lead a healthy life. But, if your bike does not go with your size it will cause damage to your body. With a bad sized bike, your body will feel back pain, knee pain, aches, strains. More than anything it can cause long-term injury.

Benefits of Choosing the Perfect Sized Exercise Bike

With an imperfect exercise bike, you can’t work out properly also it will make you uncomfortable while peddling. If you have a small size then you have to choose something so that you feel flexible while peddling. That is why to get an effective workout you have to consider the above factors and choose a perfect-sized bike.

Here, we will provide some benefits that a perfectly fitted exercise bike can offer. A perfectly fitted bike can improve your heart condition, lungs, and blood flow. With regular exercise, you can achieve a cardio-respiratory capacity which will help you to reduce cardiovascular disease. It will boost your strength, stamina, and endurance.

The best thing about an exercise bike is if it perfectly suits you it can make you lose weight faster. You can easily increase the intensity and resistance level thus it will help you to lose faster calories. After that, you can have the desired weight in a minimum period of time. It will tone your abdominal, arm, back, leg, thigh, buttocks, and provide a perfect shaped body.

Exercise bikes are best for keeping the health disease-free. As insuline helps the blood sugar to get increased, an exercise bike makes your body sensitive to insulin. In this way, it decreases the blood sugar level and reduces the risk of occurring diabetes. With a perfectly fitted bike, you can work out comfortably without putting much strain and pressure.

If you have any mobility issues, joint pain, unsteadiness, weak muscle this bike can cure these things. This bike put less stress on the hamstrings, and body weight on the legs. Thus, you can smoothly paddle for a longer time without feeling any pain. With gentle fluid movements, you can get the best positive result. Properly fitted bikes are safer than imperfect bikes.

This bike supports you to have the best position and make you more focused with increasing intensity level. So, for getting more comfort, and assuring safety while exercising there is nothing better than a perfectly suited exercise bike.


Exercise bikes are ideal for strengthening body muscle or joints, toning legs, and low-impact cardio. It is very effective for burning calories for quick weight loss and all levels of fitness. This equipment regulates blood pressure, strengthens the lungs and hearts. The exercise bikes are designed for all sized people.

A perfect fitted exercise bike is essential for preventing unnecessary injuries, pains, and aches. Therefore, we share what to look forin the best exercise bike for short person in this article. Now, by following this guide, you can make a perfect selection of an exercise bike for you. So, before investing, make sure to consider the above facts and choose wisely.


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