Irish Lotto: a modern twist on the traditional game

irish lotto

It may be 2020, but still, the lottery remains an integral part of a lot of people’s lives.Many of us still rush to the local corner shop, just before the deadline in ticket sales, to select our numbers and hurry home for the draw, whilst other, much more organized people will never miss a draw, as they have set up an online account with reoccurring official ticket purchases online at trusted sites. At some point in our lottery-playing lives, we have all dreamt about winning the massive jackpot, some of us have even gone as far as imaging our post-win lifestyles. Check out Irish Lotto

As we have already touched on briefly, the online world is changing, not only the way in which we play the lottery, but also which lotteries we play! With the help of the internet, we can play lotteries from all over the world, including the Irish Lotto at Paddy Power, which provides a modern alternative to the age old classic. Read on to find out more!

The odds of the Irish Lotto add a thrilling twist to the game. You can place a wager on anywhere between one and five numbers, with one number paying out 6/1, two numbers worth 60/1, three numbers paying out a juicy 700/1, and four numbers landing you 7200/1x your initial wager. Landing all five numbers is worth a jaw-dropping 13000/1. However, it is worth mentioning, that all of your selections must roll-in for you to win a prize. Simply, if you bet on three numbers, and only one or two are drawn, then you won’t win anything.  

Don’t get us wrong, the way in which we have played Lottery for years-and-years works, and the fact that it has survived the test of time proves this. However, rather than buying rows and tickets at a set price, and your winning amount of money being in accordance to the fixed paytable, the Irish gives you the chance to stake as much as you’d like, and pre-determine your potential winnings. For example, if you wager £10 on two numbers you could potentially pocket £610 (stake included) or placed the maximum stake of £3.85 on five numbers and secure a life-changing half a million – or £500,503.85 to be precise. 

These modern twists effectively award the punter with more power in deciding their stakes and winnings, and, without a doubt, that makes betting on the Irish Lotto very attractive. In its own way, betting on the Irish Lotto is very similar to classic sportsbook betting. For example, you pick a number, or numbers, like you would pick a horse, a trap in greyhound racing, or a boxer to win a fight, and watch as the numbers are drawn. (zolpidem online india)  

Whilst most lotteries take place twice a week, usually once on a weekday, and again on the weekend – with only one draw per night, the Irish Lotto is drawn a whopping six times a week – three times on a Wednesday and three times on Saturday. This means that you don’t need to worry about missing a draw, whilst, you can also increase your chances of winning by taking part in all six – as long as you bet within your budget, of course!  



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