Home Security Camera: 10 Things You Should Consider When Buying it

Security Camera

Are you planning on buying a home security camera but got baffled after looking into so many options? We get that and we are here to help!

The world of wired and wireless security cameras can be a lot to take especially if you are not aware of the features you should consider before buying them. When it comes to security camera’s Wyze Cam V1 vs V2 come at the top. 

That is what our short guide here will get you through! 

Things to Consider When Buying Home Security Camera

  1. Power 

Security cameras can either be wired or wireless. 

If you are going for one without the cord, look into its battery life and WiFi range. Whereas, for wired options, it is important to have the cable long enough to reach the power outlet.  

  1. Connectivity 

Most cameras require Wi-Fi connectivity to function. However, you need to check whether it is compatible with 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. 

  1. Location 

Indoor vs outdoor camera installation is poles apart. Therefore, be clear about where you need the camera for. 

Note! Outdoor cameras tend to be more expensive due to the additional cost of weather-resistant and highly durable design. 

  1. Durability 

Durability is more important for outdoor cameras. In this aspect, always look into IP ratings instead of “waterproof” or “weather-resistant” labels. 

The IP rating is a clear figure which gives a better idea of how durable a camera is in face of extreme weather, temperature changes, and staining. 

  1. Video Quality

What’s a security camera with poor video output? That’s right: it’s a flop! 

This is one feature that you should not compromise on. Try to find a budget-friendly camera that offers at least 1080p. 

Although more advanced gadgets come with 2K and 4K resolution, they often have a price not everybody can afford. 

  1. Zoom Capacity 

It does not really matter whether the camera moves in itself or does a digital zoom; the aim is to choose the one which can provide all the details. 

Note! Optical zoom is mostly preferred due to higher resolution. 

  1. Field of View 

There are cameras that can pan all the way around but it is okay even if you decide to go with 120 degrees of view. 

  1. High Dynamic Range 

This is again an important feature to consider when buying an outdoor camera. 

A good HDR rating takes care of glares and shadows to provide clearer outdoor footage. 

  1. Night Vision

Security cameras were always meant to provide a peaceful sleep at night knowing somebody’s is on the watch. 

Therefore a good night vision is particularly important. You can choose between cameras with infra-red or LED sensors

  1. Audio Options 

The latest home security cameras come with a two-way audio feature (speakers + microphone) that lets you remotely communicate with visitors at the door.

Do You Really Need a Home Security Camera? 

It depends!

Where most people are comfortable with just installing sensors around the house, few understand the importance of having video coverage in case something goes wrong. Make sure you have good internet which is connected to your security system for that purpose u needing a compatible router. 

Furthermore, many cases around the US have pointed out that audio verification often gives false positives. Therefore, we recommend getting home security cameras in addition to sensors for your house.


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