How to Remove Eyeliner Naturally and Smoothly

how to remove eyeliner

Eyeliner is an excellent way to boost the eyes or alter their shape. However, you must remove it at night. In this case, you must know how to remove eyeliner by following a smooth process.

Method 1-Application of Eye Makeup Remover

Step 1-Select a Remover that Works with Your Eyeliner

You must apply an oil-based makeup remover to dissolve your waterproof eyeliner. In particular, a dual-phase type of makeup remover can remove most of your eye makeup. Cleansing water works well for all with sensitive skin and those who apply a liquid liner.

Step 2-Use a Saturated Flat Cotton Pad

A saturated, flat cotton pad is preferable to a cotton ball, as it leaves the fibers behind, which stick in the eyes. If you have to fix a minor mistake, you have to dip a swab of cotton in the remover and squeeze the excess liquid by using a tissue. In this way, you gently erase the spot without any flaw.

Step 3-Press the Cotton Pad for a While

You have to wiggle the cotton pad against your eyes for a while. However, you must avoid scrubbing the eyes. Instead, you should apply a little pressure for getting between the eyelashes. Your eye makeup remover gets enough time to break down the eyeliner to let it come off immediately.

Step 4-Apply Downward Strokes

Wipe the eyeliner by applying downward strokes but avoid tugging or scrubbing the skin. Flip the cotton pad to its clean side and repeat the same process. (zolpidem) Finally, you should wash the face with your regular cleanser.

Method 2-Use of Makeup Removing Wipes

Here, we will see relevant steps related to how to remove eyeliner by using makeup-removing wipes.

Step 1-Select Fragrance-free and Alcohol-free Facial Wipes

To start, you have to select facial wipes free from alcohol and fragrance. You must remember that the makeup wipes designed for removing the makeup of the entire face are harsh on delicate skin present around the eyes. In this case, you must get facial wipes designed specifically to apply around the eyes.

You may use sensitive baby wipes for cleansing your face. However, they cannot lift off your eyeliners or eye makeup. Hence, you must stick to fragrance and alcohol-free wipes to remove eyeliners and get the best results.

Step 2-Use the Wipe’s Edge to Clean the Eyelashes Base

Wipe across the upper lid by applying an outward motion i.e. from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer one. Repeat the same process below your eyelids as well. However, you must take a few precautions, which are-

  • Change the tip of your makeup-removing wipe for each of your eyes. Doing so will avoid the transfer of anything from one eye to another one.
  • Never tug or pull the skin excessively, as it may cause wrinkles.

Step 3-Apply Regular Cleanser to Rinse and Wash Your Face

Once you remove makeup by using wipes, you should cleanse your face at least once a time in a day. In simple words, you must follow a two-step process i.e. remove your makeup and wash your face.

Method 3-Application of Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is another effective product to remove eyeliners at the end of the day that too without any side effects.

Step 1-Take Petroleum Jelly Scoop on a Swab

Take a small scoop of petroleum jelly on a cotton ball or cotton swab. However, your selected petroleum jelly must of a trustworthy brand. As a byproduct of refined oil, the product is available in the purity of diverse levels and grades. If you fail to buy a purified product, it may have harmful toxins.

Step 2-Run Cotton Swab across the Eyelashes

Now, run the cotton swab across the base area of your eyelashes. Wait for some time to wipe away your eyeliner by using the swab’s clean end and the petroleum jelly. You may use another clean cotton swab if you fail to clean your eyeliners in a single go.

Step 3-Apply a Gentle Cleanser to Wash the Face

In the last step, wash the face by applying a gentle cleanser after you remove the eyeliner. If you find any smears above or below your eyelashes, apply a clean cotton swab on the area for removing your makeup. Alternatively, rinse by using warm water if accidentally petroleum jelly enters your eyes.

Method 4-Apply Natural Oils

How to remove eyeliner by using natural oils without any complication?

Step 1-Use Any Oil of Your Choice

You may use anyone from olive oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil to break down your eyeliner. Based on the ingredients of natural oils, they can dissolve your eyeliner. Hence, you may wipe your eye makeup in no time. Simultaneously, natural oils let you condition your eyelashes and moisturize the soft skin across the eyes. Oils are excellent options to remove waterproof eyeliners. The oil present in waterproof eyeliner can repel water.

Step 2-Massage the Oil Gently by Using Your Fingertips

You must massage the oil on your closed eyelids by using your fingertips gently. You must run your fingers across the lash line, where you have already applied the eye makeup.

Step 3-Apply Downward Strokes and Use Cotton Pad to Wipe the Oil

You must wait for about 10 to 15 seconds. Later, use cotton pads for wiping the natural oil by applying downward strokes. Strictly avoid scrubbing your yank or eyelid on the skin. It is excessively delicate and the rough treatment may highlight fine lines and wrinkles.

Step 4-Rinse to Remove the Eyeliner and Oil Traces

Even though the natural oil is not harmful, it may cause blur vision if you mistakenly get some in the eyes.

Why Removing Eyeliner at the End of the Day is Essential

Once you get the answer to how to remove eyeliner, you must know why you should remove eyeliners at the end of your day. Removal of eye makeup before bedtime is essential to prevent skin damage across the eye areas during the nighttime. Like other skin areas, delicate skin across your eyes renews itself when you sleep. In this situation, when you leave eye makeup on, you prevent renewing your skin. The skin creases while breathing and it shows fatigue signs very soon. In some cases, leaving makeup may cause acne and other related problems.

Therefore, depending on the eyeliner you apply, you must use natural methods to remove it before bed.


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