Steps to Choose the Right Foundation Brush to Apply Blush and Makeup on Your Face

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With a huge collection of foundation brushes available in the market, many fashions and makeup lovers get confused while choosing the right one. If you are the one willing to buy a single foundation brush or a set of brushes, you have to know the specific uses. However, expert makeup artists recommend you to avoid any guesswork. Instead, you should take steps to find the right tool, as we have discussed in this blog post. (

Natural Vs Synthetic Foundation Brushes  

The selection of your foundation brush depends on the specific foundation formula you use. If you follow the thumb rule, you must use a brush with natural bristles for powder and synthetic bristles to apply any liquid product. Synthetic bristles soak fewer products, because of which they cause less wastage of the makeup product.

Types of General Face Brushes

Powder Brush

A powder brush is a full-fibered thick brush. Whether you choose a natural or synthetic powder brush, you will expect to achieve versatility in the product. The foundation brush may do varieties of beauty jobs, which makes it an omnipresent makeup brush. It is an essential tool to include in your existing makeup arsenal. Powder brushes are excellent options to add color, like blush whenever an individual wants a less pigmented and natural result.

Tapered Brush

Tapered makeup brushes are flat and have a gentle taper. These brushes are perfect to apply liquid foundation and other types of liquid products. You have to start dipping the tapered brush in warm water and squeeze it out gently. However, if the brush is too hot and it forces you to sweat a lot, you may apply cool water to get a refreshing application experience.

Here, the water performs two different functions. The first is to make sure of applying an even foundation coat. Secondly, the water prevents the brush from absorbing the foundation. As the brush cannot soak up any makeup, you will save your money as well. However, you have to take proper care in removing the excess water by squeezing the brush gently in a towel. The reason is excessive moisture dilutes the makeup and the coverage of your product becomes ineffective.

Stippled Brush

A stippled foundation brush gives you a striking appearance with two distinct lengths of fibers. The brush has full of fiber, which stays packed tightly with long interspersed fibers. Stippling brushes are excellent options to create layers for different makeup levels. Blush, foundation, and primer work seamlessly with a stippled brush.

While you may use a stippling brush with powders, it is better to use it for cream blush products or liquid cream foundation. For using the brush, you have to place foundation, blush, or cream on the back area of the hand and carefully dip the makeup brush into products.

Kabuki Brush

Kabuki brush is an impressive-looking brush and it gives a huge variety with various tightly packed fibers. Moreover, you may even get a mini Kabuki brush to use while you travel via train or bus. You may use the brush on your face and body with loose powders. Other than that, you have to swirl your illumination product in many big circles to get magical and illustrious finishes.

Kabuki foundation brush is an excellent option for blush and powder foundation. You have to diffuse any concentrated product by simply swirling your brush while applying makeup and tap to remove any excess solution. Finally, you have to follow large and circular motions to apply the makeup gently.

Selection of a Brush Depends on the Foundation Formula Type

Mineral or Powder Foundations

Mineral or powder foundations are the fastest and the easiest ways to cover a face. These are available in loose and pressed forms. To apply powder or mineral foundation, we recommend you choose a flat top foundation brush. Moreover, you have to use the brush downward to get medium coverage. After this, if you want to get a sheer finish and natural look, you may select a fluffy Kabuki brush. These brushes have dome-tops and let you buff the foundation powder in your skin by following circular motions.

Stick Foundations

Stick foundations work well for oily skin and they are long-wearing types of foundations. Such foundations even have a thick formula. If you have to apply a stick foundation to obtain a seamless finish, you must apply the product to the back area of your hand. In this way, the product becomes warm enough to blend easily.

We recommend you select an angled foundation brush, as it has slanted edges to pat products in your skin. The brush is useful to apply the formula in various hard-to-reach areas, like across the nose. Alternatively, you may go with a damp Beauty Blender Brush to apply any stick foundation.

Liquid Foundations

A liquid foundation is an excellent option for all who have red spots on their skin and need more coverage. Here, you must use a flat foundation brush for painting liquid products to achieve the highest range. You may use buffing brushes in small and circular movements. They provide medium to full coverage with a streak-free and even finish.

However, if you want sheer or medium coverage, you have to get a stippling brush to boast bristles of different lengths. You must deposit products gently by following a tapping motion in different areas of your face. Later, you may get an airbrushed look by swirling only the tips of a foundation brush gently and lightly all over the area.

Cream to Powder Foundations

Cream-to-powder types of foundations are hybrid foundations, which give buildable coverage from sheer to high and set to a semi-matte finish. These are the best for anyone with combination types of skin. Similar to the case of liquid foundations, you may use a buffing brush to achieve medium to full coverage or a stippling foundation brush to get a sheer finish.


To conclude, foundation or makeup brushes are essential makeup equipment to give you a flawless look on your face and boost your confidence for the day.



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