How to Maintain Artificial Turf on Bocce Ball Courts


Whether you have an existing bocce court or you’re setting up a new one, artificial grass is an excellent option for this fun sport. Synthetic grass provides all the perks of natural grass but with a few significant differences.

First, it’s easy to install (you can find some guidelines here). Also, it’s affordable and versatile, so you can use it for different purposes. And it’s quite durable and won’t deteriorate over time. Instead, synthetic turf will stay uniform throughout the season. So, even in the winter, it’s ideal for playing bocce ball.

And last but not least, artificial turf requires very little maintenance. Natural grass needs regular watering, mowing, fertilizing, and weed removal. With synthetic turf, you won’t do any of these. Instead, it requires only periodic rinsing and brushing to keep it from matting. That’s a simple but necessary procedure to ensure this surface’s durability.

Regular Raking

Proper raking of artificial turf is crucial for its proper care and maintenance. It’s the best way to remove fallen leaves, branches, and some bulky waste from your bocce ball court. But you can use a leaf blower or dustpan to remove large pieces of debris.

The raking process is almost effortless, as it’s about collecting leaves into piles and disposing of them. It will also prevent the grass from settling in one place. It’s desirable to rake turf rolls as soon as you roll them out. The grass piles will take some time to decompress, and racking will help them revert to their original form.


Brushing your artificial turf is one of the best ways to keep it looking and performing its best. But you have to do so regularly and with the proper tool. That will keep your artificial turf in good condition and help prevent common maintenance problems.

Brushing artificial turf involves a special brush that lifts and fluffs the synthetic blades. It also stirs up the filler layer to make the grass look more realistic. That’s especially helpful in high-traffic areas like your bocce ball court, where the fibers can quickly become matted or compressed.

Regular brushing also ensures a more uniform appearance. It will also help with hidden dirt and dust. Also, you can brush the surface to remove stains and moss that may have fallen onto it. For example, when it comes to stains, you may need a softer brush and soap or a 3% ammonia solution for stubborn spots.

On the following page, check some washing tips:

A plastic bristle brush is ideal for this task. But if you have areas other than your bocce ball court covered with synthetic turf, you can invest in an electric brush. It won’t only remove dirt but also restore the shape of the fibers.

Remove Pet Waste

When maintaining artificial turf, it’s essential to remove pet waste from your turf. Dog poop, for example, contains bacteria and viruses that can be dangerous to humans and pets. ( Likewise, solid waste carries pathogens that can pollute rivers, lakes, and groundwater. But immediate cleaning up pet waste will prevent these problems.

If left unwashed, pet waste will eventually get embedded in the fibers. Over time, synthetic grass will just rot. Fortunately, most of these surfaces have an excellent drainage system, so you can wash this waste out. Also, using a mild cleaner to remove these stains is an excellent idea. Be careful not to use harsh chemicals, as these could damage the turf.

Remove Stains

To maintain the appearance of your bocce ball artificial turf, you must remove stains from it regularly. They can appear after spilling a drink, paint, or for many other reasons, especially if you have kids or pets. In any case, you just have to wash these spots as soon as possible. Because artificial grass is not like natural grass, stains won’t grow back if not cleaned away.

Spills can be generally removed by scrubbing the area with a damp sponge and a small amount of detergent. You can also use eco-friendly soap, and be sure to rinse thoroughly after cleaning. You can also use a dry cleaning solvent if the stain is persistent. Apply it as you would a detergent, and work your way inwards.

If the stain is caused by something sticky, such as chocolate or chewing gum, you’ll need to put some extra effort into removing it. Avoid harsh rubbing and chemicals. Instead, wait for the stain to dry, and then try to remove it with a scrapper, water, and mild detergent. For greasy spots, a degreaser can help, too.

Although artificial turf is less demanding than natural grass, you should still take measures to keep it in good condition. So you must wash it, brush it, and remove stains regularly. Only that way can your bocce ball court look good and be safe for regular use.


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