Best Fantasy Cricket App for IPL


Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the best and most exciting tournaments that has been taking place every year since 2008. Fans across the cricketing world would always look forward to the tournament and watch their favourite teams play. Every year the IPL captivates millions of people across India. As the cricketers smash sixes or take wickets, the spectators would make loud cheer for them and create an atmosphere of exhilaration and excitement. The Indian Premier League is one of the richest sporting leagues and it attracts millions of people in the world. The excitement for IPL is palpable, with fans expressing their enthusiasm on social media platforms, forums, and blogs. 

However, cricket is no longer limited to what happens on the field, there is a lot of planning involved prior to the start of the match. The way fans watch cricket matches, especially IPL has changed over the last few years. Fantasy Cricket is the main reason why fans are more engaged in the match rather than being mere spectators. Fantasy Cricket has added another layer of excitement for the fans it provides an opportunity to create a fantasy team of real-life players to participate in a contest or league. Today, there are several apps and websites that offer this game to users. There are certain platforms that offer unique experiences to the users while playing the game. One such platform is PlayerzPot. 

PlayerzPot is the best platform to play Fantasy Cricket. The platform provides an opportunity to play and win exciting cash rewards. Moreover, PlayerzPot is a user-friendly platform where every player will feel secure while playing Fantasy Cricket. PlayerzPot is one of the biggest hubs for Fantasy Cricket Games. The platform has carefully designed the gaming concepts to provide the users with ease of gameplay and greater potential of winning the game. There are paid and free cricket leagues on PlayerzPot, where you can easily participate and win money. 

On PlayerzPot, you will have 1000 gems to pick the players in your Fantasy team. You need to have at least four batters, a wicketkeeper, two all-rounders, and four bowlers in your team. Then, you choose the tournament or league of your choice. You will start earning points based on how the players from your team perform during the match. After the match, you will cash rewards on the basis of points you have earned and the money will be credited to your PlayerzPot account. You can withdraw the money anytime. 

The reason why people considered PlayerzPot as the best fantasy cricket app is that it gives tips about players’ performances to allow you to choose the best combination of players while entering the contest. When you follow the tips on PlayerzPot, you will get a fair idea of which players will perform and help you earn points in Fantasy Cricket. Moreover, the platform provides other features such as live scores, player statistics, and news updates to help the players create their teams.  Overall, PlayerzPot is a reputable platform with a larger user base in India. 

PlayerzPot has been offering the best fantasy cricket experience to cricket enthusiasts over the years and this year is no different. When you play Fantasy Cricket on PlayerzPot, you are assured of bonuses and prizes that come along with the fun of making your own dream team. In PlayerzPot, you can join the free pot where the winnings are high as 10 lakhs. You can also try non-commission pots that are frequently available. Moreover, you can get an instant 2% balance on referring your friends. With the total winnings of INR 2 crore on PlayerzPot Leader Boards you cannot surely miss the cricketing action this summer.


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