7 Ideas & Tips for Putting Together a Delicious Food Platter


Are you planning a fun-filled party at home and want to wow your guests with your plating and presentation techniques? There’s no better way to present your delectable tidbits than creating a delicious food platter that will leave your guests stunned and their taste buds begging for more. 

A beautifully-arranged food platter is not just a feast for the eyes but also a delightful experience for the palate. Creating a visually appealing food platter requires much more than your culinary expertise. A platter is like a blank canvas – an art form that combines flavors, textures, colors, and visual appeal to create a feast for your guests’ senses. 

Imagine a table adorned with an exquisite variety of platters overflowing with delicious food arranged in a breathtaking layout and colors that capture the crowd’s attention. If you want to achieve a picture-perfect harmony of your platter, continue reading to explore some amazing ideas and tips for putting together a delicious food platter that not only satiates the appetite but also leaves your guest in awe.  

  • Consider Your Party’s Theme When Creating a Platter

Arranging a mouthwatering and enticing food platter begins with a theme, so consider the occasion before you start putting your platter together. For example, if you’re hosting a summer party, a fruit platter would be a great choice to entertain your guests with fresh and juicy summer treats on a hot sunny day. Check out some amazing ideas and recipes in the Little Broken Food blog by Katya and learn how to make a fruit platter with in-season fruits, dips, garnishes, and edible flowers.  

Depending on your party theme or special occasion, you can choose between a ceramic platter or board and make distinctive choices regarding ingredients, selection of garnishes and dips, colors, and overall presentation. 

  • Infuse a Variety of Flavors into Your Platter 

A platter is usually loaded with bite-sized delicacies and treats that complement your entire menu, so make sure not to emphasize selected flavors, as it will make it monotonous, boring, and uninteresting. Rather, try to diversify flavors on the board by incorporating a variety of flavors that complement and contrast with each other. Instead of focusing on all sweet or all savory, consider loading your platter with a mix of sweet, savory, spicy, mild, salty, tangy, and creamy flavors.

Play with different flavor combinations to create a harmonious and well-balanced platter, and make sure the items don’t infuse their flavors into other tidbits. Consider including tangy elements such as citrus fruits and meaty bites or complementing your cheesy treats with dips with bold flavors. Carefully place pickles so that their sour flavor doesn’t spoil the freshness of fruits and vegetables on the platter.  

  • Make Sure You Choose an Appropriate Size for Your Platter

A platter or board provides you with a blank slate to artfully arrange your mouthwatering delights. Imagine a platter too small overflowing with food items that scatter across the table as soon as someone tries to pick something up from it or a platter too big that it seems impossible to fill it up. Moreover, you need to make sure the platter has an even proportion of items placed on it. A platter that is too small may not provide enough space to arrange all the ingredients in a proportional and aesthetically pleasing arrangement. 

An appropriately-sized platter can create a more wholesome and luscious look without looking cluttered or empty. Plus, you can ensure the food is easily accessible to your guests, and they don’t have to struggle to pick up their desired item. Consider the number of guests you’re hosting and the capacity of your table when choosing the size of platter or board for your tidbits, and be sure not to create bigger portions for each food item. 

  • Start with Larger Items First and then Fill Empty Spaces with Smaller Items

Everyone wants to create a well-planned and entertaining platter that not just entices guests with its stunning presentation but also brings the star elements of the platter into the spotlight. 

So instead of burying your larger items or the heroes of the dish beneath piles of crackers and dry fruits, place them carefully around the platter first and then fill up the empty spaces artfully with sides like some colorful slices of fruits, crisp and colorful vegetables, an assortment of bread, nuts,  berries, and even chocolates. This tactic will help you carefully cover up the empty spaces while creating a perfect balance on your platter. 

  • Arrange Round Fruits and Sauces in Small Containers

Items like olives, berries, nuts, and mushrooms can easily roll out of your platter. Moreover, dips, sauces, and butter can spill, which can quickly disturb the delicate balance of your platter as soon as your guests pick a treat from it. 

Arranging these items in small containers will not only create a more organized look but also make it easier for your guests to pick the item of their choice without spilling and trundling items out of the platter. 

  • Play With Colors 

A platter with a stunning display of colors enhances its visual appeal and makes it more appetizing. Use the naturally striking colors of fresh fruits and vegetables to create an enticing arrangement for your platter. 

Consider the vibrant red hues of strawberries, tomatoes, apples, and red bell pepper. Place slices of bright oranges, carrots, crispy cucumbers, and lush green spinach

  • Arrange Meat, Crackers, and Cheeses Around Your Dips

Good food presentation pulls all five senses into the experience of eating. However, when your guests start taking their share from it, you must ensure the elements are placed in a harmonious arrangement and flavor combination. 

Once you have placed your dips and sauces on the platter, arrange the items that go with these sauces, such as meat slices, crackers, and cheeses. Cut your meat into thin horizontal slices or use cured meats such as prosciutto and salami, and place it around the dips folded in half or twisted beautifully. Cut cheeses in even slices or cubes and place them around the dips to create depth of flavors and add visual interest. You can arrange your crackers around the dips or in separate containers. 

Wrapping Up

A delicious and hearty food platter requires a perfect fusion of flavors, textures, arrangement, and aesthetics. Follow the above tips and tricks to create a food platter that ignites your guests’ senses, delights their tastebuds, and leaves a lasting impression on them. However, ensure you only choose fresh and seasonal ingredients for your platter. Avoid using frozen items, canned fruits and vegetables, and sauces that may lose their consistency after a while. That being said, don’t be afraid to experiment with new ingredients, flavor combinations, and presentation styles. 


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