How to Face Ovulation Naturally-Complete Guide (2023)

How to face Ovaluation naturally?

Out of all the unwanted problems women face in life, struggling to ovulate is one of the major concerns. At the time of conception, fertility can be an issue for many couples. Many factors hinder ovulation; one of the chief factors that can hamper pregnancy efforts is not planning around ovulation. Ovulation typically starts 14 days before the next menstrual cycle. During ovulation, the egg is released from the ovaries and enters the fallopian tube. It stays for 12 to 24 hours. Sperm can last as long as five days. If you face problems with fertility, we have penned down this post regarding How to Face Ovulation Naturally. Here are some tips and tricks that you must follow:

7 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Ovulation Naturally

Naturally, boosting ovulation sometimes becomes tricky for us. But with some effort, we can learn how to face ovulation naturally. We are mentioning some essential tricks for these critical ideas.

1) Improve your Diet

Improve your diet

If you want to increase your chances of ovulation naturally, improving your diet can be helpful. Consuming a healthy diet will not guarantee ovulation, but it will definitely boost the chances.

  • Consume Fertility-Friendly Foods

    Consume fertility-friendly foods.

You must consume fertility-friendly food, as it will increase the likelihood of ovulation in your body. For example, you can eat fresh animal protein. Opt for organic, fresh fruits and vegetables with healthy fats. For example, opt for nuts, seeds, olive oil, etc.

Foods You Must Stay Away from When You Consume a Healthy Diet

  • Avoid Processed Sugar

Avoid Processed Sugar

Extra sugar intake can imbalance your fertility hormone. Therefore, you must avoid processed sugar intake. Controlling sugar  intake is necessary to enhance the ovulation cycle and increase the risk of pregnancy.

  • Excessive Alcohol Intake

Excessive Alcohol Intake

Avoid excessive alcohol intake, as it can also effect a female’s menstrual cycle and can bar fertility. Therefore, you must stay away from practicing excessive alcohol intake.

3) Refined Carbohydrates

Refined Carbohydrates

It would help if you avoided the intake of refined carbohydrates, as it can also decrease the chances of pregnancy.

4) Excessive Caffeine

Excessive Caffeine

You should curtail excessive caffeine if you want to improve your chances of fertility. 

2) Maintain a Healthy Body Mass Index

How to face Ovulation naturally

How to face ovulation naturally seems complex if we don’t know the desired mechanism. Well, studies show that maintaining a healthy body mass index can help you increase your fertility chances. If a woman is underweight or otherwise overweight, it can cause a lot of problems for them. Sometimes, being underweight or overweight results in irregular periods, and hence, it prevents fertility. Therefore, you must maintain a healthy weight to increase your chances of fertility.

Even if a woman gets pregnant, she can face many pregnancy complications due to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. Therefore, maintaining a body mass of at least 20 to 24 is ideal.

3) Perform Moderate Exercises

Exercises increases fertility


Not performing exercises at all or doing excessive physical workouts can hamper fertility in a female. Practice exercises regularly if you are looking for ways to face ovulation naturally. Keep one thing in mind: over-exercising is also harmful to conception. So, practice moderate exercises, and you can consult your gynecologist for exercise suggestions. Some physical activities also boost fertility chances. Some exercises that improve fertility are pilates, cross-fit, and weight-training.

4)  Reduce Stress

How to face Ovulation naturally- Reduce Stress

Are you looking for some ways to increase ovulation? Reducing overall stress levels can be helpful for getting pregnant near your ovulation cycle. Stress often becomes part and parcel of our lifecycle. It becomes challenging to get rid of unnecessary anxiety in your mind. So, we advise you to relax, perform meditation, and join counseling and support groups. It will help you reduce stress and increase your fertility.

5) Add prenatal Vitamins to Your Diet

How to face ovulation naturally

You can boost your fertility by adding some prenatal vitamins to your diet. It will help you all increase your chances of fertility. For example, consuming the right proportion of folic acid and vitamin D will increase your chances of fertility. Adding these prenatal vitamins to your diet will help reduce the chances of miscarriage.

When should you consult a doctor?

If all these lifestyle changes do not contribute to how to face ovulation naturally, you must consult a doctor soon. These lifestyle changes are prime factors in increasing ovulation. But if these do not work, you must consult a gynecologist. They will suggest some tests that will help boost your fertility. One thing that you must keep in mind is that you should not take any medicine to stimulate ovulation without consulting your doctor.


We have discussed almost all of how to face ovulation naturally to boost the chances of conceiving. Try these changes, as they will increase the chances of fertility to a great extent. Change your food habits so that they support your pregnancy. Even if you feel that you cannot conceive after taking all these approaches, booking an appointment with your gynecologist is a wise decision.


1) When should you plan to have a baby?

Planning a baby should be done during ovulation, as it is the most fertile period when women can conceive.

2) What changes should we bring to our lifestyle to increase ovulation naturally?

You can start eating foods that help boost your fertility. It would help if you preferred to consume fresh vegetables and fruit. Additionally, incorporate healthy exercises as part and parcel of your routine. Eat whole grains and green leafy vegetables. Avoid processed foods.

3) Does stress affect fertility?

Stress can impact your fertility negatively, so you must increase the chances of fertility by combating increasing stress levels. One way to do this is to perform meditation and yoga.


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