How Long Will Covid-19 Make the Patients Suffer From the Disease?

How long will Covid-19 make the patients suffer from the disease?

The covid-19 suffering time is varying in the different patients’ health conditions. Many patients are having mild symptoms, or the asymptomatic patients are recovering real soon. Aged patients and patients having severe other health issues are taking longer to recover from Coronavirus. Covid-19 poses a danger most for those patients suffering from chronic illness, high blood pressure, and obesity.

People having symptoms even after average time of recovery

According to WHO average recovery time from Covid-19 is two to six weeks. A study done in the United States of America states that 20% of patients who didn’t have to go the hospital for Coronavirus, didn’t get rid of symptoms even after two weeks after being positive. Those patients are between 18 and 34. Researchers found a similar pattern in almost 50% of the patients aged 50 and above.

Many of those elderly patients had to go to hospitals for further treatment. A research in Italy said that 87% of patients are having symptoms even after two months since getting Covid-19 positive. Lack of breath and severe breathing issues are significant symptoms of them.

Recovery time from Covid-19 prediction is tough to do for the experts

A lung disease specialist from Chicago, Dr. Khalilah Gates, said that many patients under her treatment are suffering from fatigue, coughing issues and are short of breath. Three to four months have passed since they tested negative. However, they continue to have such symptoms.

She said that the prediction of the recovery time of Covid-19 is hard to do. They are still finding answers to this problem. Gates is an associate professor from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. She also expressed concerns about the further complications which Covid-19 patients can have even after recovering from the disease.

Covid-19 leaves with long term health complications on patients

Covid-19 is affecting multi organs such as the heart, kidney and many more. People recovering from the virus are now having long term health issues like kidney dysfunction, lung infections, depression, over anxiety and

A specialist on the infectious disease from Emory University, Dr. Jay Carney, said that it is yet to know if Coronavirus is the reason for these long term problems or the inflammation causes these issues. He thinks that if the patients are free from the illness of Covid-19, other complications can still be there.


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