Coronavirus Tests Giving Results in Minutes, Available Worldwide Soon

Coronavirus Tests Giving Results in Minutes, Available Worldwide Soon

The world will see coronavirus tests that give faster results than usual. The test results will come out in just 15 to 30 minutes. These immediate results could control the death rates of Covid-19 patients. The rich countries and developing countries can save their people with faster detection of coronavirus and take up necessary pandemic measures.

There will be two pharma companies supplying 120 million rapid tests of antigen worldwide. Scientists all around the world are going to get effective vaccines and medicines to battle Coronavirus. Middle-income and lower-income countries will get the antigen tests for a cost-effective price of £3.90  or $5 each.

WHO approves one out of two coronavirus tests

The World Health Organisation has given its approval to one of these raid test kits. It works similar to a pregnancy test. If the test kit shows two blue lines, then the patient is detected with the COVID-19 virus. The other test is yet to be approved.

Heath workers can detect Coronavirus much more efficiently now more than ever with the new rapid test kit. The death toll of the health workers due to coronavirus can be controlled even in lower-income countries.

WHO launched the initiative with the French government, the Gates Foundation, and the European Commission in March. The companies supplying 20% of the tests to the countries with poor and middle income with the Gates Foundation’s help. Germany is one of the first countries to order 20 million tests. Switzerland and France will follow the same path.

UK’s moonshot scheme got leaked: consideration between saliva test or new antigen test

The United Kingdom is also showing interest in availing rapid coronavirus tests. The details of the operation moonshot, the UK’s new mass Covid-19 test scheme, got leaked. There is still uncertainty that the UK government will opt for a new test kit. The country has put a lot of money into the research of saliva tests. The antigen and saliva both tests give results in around 90 minutes. Scientists are doing trials of saliva tests in Salford and Southampton. ( DnaNudge is using Nudgebox to read the swab to test the Covid-19 virus. Many NHS hospitals are using it right now.

New rapid test is faster, cheaper, and easier 

The new antigen test that already got WHO approval is much faster and cheaper than any other test. It is such easy that offices, schools, or universities can easily use these tests to monitor their crowd for Coronavirus detection. The test can detect many Covid-19 patients before they even have mild symptoms. The countries which have affordability could opt for this rapid test to control the spread of Coronavirus.

SD BioSensor, a company from South Korea, got the approval for the rapid test from WHO. However, the American company Abbot is yet to get the nod from WHO for testing the antigens test.

The world’s health partners and leaders come together to a remarkable initiative

The CEO of FIND (Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics), a non-profit organization, Dr. Catharina Boehme, said that they would order huge orders to make the tests available to the lower and middle-income groups countries. They also did the same for the PCR tests earlier. She said that they would concentrate on bulk supply so that every country gets the rapid test irrespective of the economy and does not have to wait to treat the poor income level people. Thus, this initiative is a remarkable collaboration between the world’s finest health care leaders with one goal and priority.


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