Here’s How Buying the Best Inverter Can Make Work from Home Easy

Buying the Best Inverter

Given the recent Covid-19 outbreak, people and companies worldwide are either opting for a hybrid work model or have fully shifted to a work-from-home setup. This new model is being appreciated by both employers and employees alike because of the increase in productivity and better quality of life. 

However, this new work model also comes with its set of challenges, most of all the need for a constant power supply.  But since most of India is yet to receive constant unhindered electricity, power cuts can have a huge impact on their overall productivity, making power backup units a must-have for the working individual. 

The best inverter can help you remain productive throughout the day and lets you focus on the more important things in life without having to constantly worry about when the next power cut’s going to happen. So, if you too have transitioned to working from home, then here are 3 reasons to start looking for the best inverter right away, in case you don’t already own one: 

  • Keeps You Powered Up and Focused 

Sweating it out is a term that stands for working hard; however, you don’t actually want to end up sweating all day while you are working on that next big presentation or meeting. But buying the best inverter can help you stay focused by ensuring that your air conditioning, internet connection, and lights are all up and running throughout the duration of the power cut. Plus, you won’t literally have to sweat it out while being at your productive best. 

  • Being on Top of Every Meeting

Power cuts don’t care when your next big meeting’s about to take place. So, if you want to ensure that you’re are able to join all your meetings on time and remain connected, then having an inverter can help you stay on top of every meeting you have throughout the day. Sure, you have your cellphone and can use that to attend the meeting; however, it’s a lot less effective, especially if you have to showcase your presentation or walk people through it on a small screen. 

  • Seamless Transition During Power Cuts

You won’t even notice that a power cut took place with the best inverter having your back. The transition of an inverter equipped with sine wave technology from the moment the lights go out to taking over is seamless. Plus, no matter what you were up to before the power cut, you can carry on with it without a glitch. So, be it the presentation or meeting neither you, nor any of the participants would ever realize that there’s been a power cut at your place. 

Work from home has given us the opportunity to spend more time with our families while being at our productive best, with no commuting during rush hour and a seamless transition from work to personal life in an instant; it’s been a wish come true for millions of working professionals. So, if you want to make the very best of it, then having a home backup power system can make that experience even better. However, don’t forget to keep important factors such as the VA/Volt-Ampere rating, energy efficiency, and backup time in mind. 

Luminous has a range of inverters that are class-leading and the best inverter in their category. From the modern-age Regalia series, which is an absolute powerhouse, to the more affordable yet powerful Icon series of pure sine wave inverters, Luminous’ stellar range of home power backup solutions can help you stay productive and make the very best of working from home. So, what are you waiting for? Explore Luminous’ collection of the best inverter today!



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