Fitness trends for the home: Homegym 2022

Fitness trends

Homegyms are more in demand than ever. Homeoffice, homeworkout or homegym, are examples of the growing trend of integrating fitness into the center of one’s life within one’s own four walls. This post is about the biggest fitness trends for the home gym in 2022.

Open all the time, no waiting, a customized workout program for maximum flexibility – all these points speak for a home gym. They also include virtual workouts that can be put together according to one’s own wishes via fitness apps and online workout programs. At this point, we can already reveal which sports will be among the biggest fitness trends in 2022. These are the virtual workouts via fitness apps such as HIIT or the gentle yin yoga workout, the balance-promoting full-body workout on the wobbly balance board, the classic workout with one’s own body weight, and water rowing.

Fitness trends 2022: Virtual training

Virtual workouts are ideal for at home. An important component of virtual training is HIIT. So-called HIIT training (High Intensive Interval Training) consists of short but very intense exercise intervals and timed recovery breaks. The aim here is to achieve the greatest possible muscle exhaustion while simultaneously increasing the oxygen uptake of the muscles. The advantage of HIIT is that no expensive training equipment needs to be purchased. Fitness apps that specialize in HIIT ensure an optimal workout routine. These include the apps Freeletics or Asana Rebel. As a change from HIIT, the quiet but no less effective Yin Yoga is suitable, which is also offered by many fitness apps. The workout motto here is “In calmness lies strength,” as the name suggests.

For individual virtual workouts in the home gym, the smart VAHA fitness mirror will be a top fitness product in terms of trend and popularity in 2022. Tailored workouts, group workouts, personal trainers: the smart fitness mirror for the home offers all this and more.

Fitness trend 2022: Balance Board

The trend home fitness equipment 2022 includes the balance board, as a versatile fitness device. It is space-saving and provides maximum fitness fun for the whole family . With the balance board, which is also called a wobble board, all muscle groups can be worked. In addition, the sense of balance is strengthened by the constant balancing, which can provide fun effects and entertainment from time to time. The selection of exercises makes training with the balance board always new interesting and varied. Whether squats, push-ups, push-ups or other exercises, the wobble board can be used effectively for all muscle groups.

Fitness trend 2022: Bodyweight training with non-slip mat

Training with your own bodyweight and without any equipment is still popular due to its many advantages and is therefore also a trend in Homegym 2022. Not without reason, the book “Fit without equipment” by Mark Lauren is a bestseller in its category. The exercises can also be performed more safely and gently with a non-slip mat than without a base. So such yoga mats need not only be used for yoga exercises. Therefore, they belong to the important basic equipment of the home gym in 2022.

Fitness trend 2022: Water rowing

Water rowing is definitely not one of the most affordable workout equipment of a home gym in 2022, but in return, a lot of fun workout can be expected. Anyway, rowing is considered a strength and endurance sport that is effective and at the same time gentle on all muscle groups of the body. Indoor water rowing creates a deceptively real rowing feeling on dry ground. Modern rowing ergometers are equipped with useful tracking functions on the integrated training computer. This allows important training data such as distance, power, strokes per minute, wattage and training time to be specifically set and tracked and, if necessary, linked to a fitness watch. For rowing and technical enthusiasts, water rowing is therefore the ideal training device in the Trend Home Gym 2022. 






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