What Is A Swallowing Gel And How Is It Used?

Swallowing Gel

Introduction If you have any senior citizens in your family, you would have noticed them take a lot of medications. You would have also noticed that sometimes when they are taking their pills, they vomit the same or start mildly choking on the same before a gulp of water helps them take it down. Swallowing Gel –

Have you ever imagined why does this happens? According to medical experts, when we age and consume a lot of medicines, the muscles of the throat that enable the swallowing part to become stiffer. This means that swallowing becomes a lot more difficult. This is a medical condition which is known as Dysphagia. 

When you have been diagnosed with Dysphagia, your medical doctor will prescribe  Gloup swallowing gel to help you take the medicines and not vomit or feel any discomfort during the process. In this article, we are going to take a close look at what is a swallowing gel and how is it used. 

Mistakes made by individuals when swallowing pills and tablets

Let us get one thing out of the way. Even if you are not a senior citizen that has been diagnosed with dysphagia, you might face trouble swallowing pills. 

The smell, size, and taste of medication are not always, let’s say ‘tasty’ to begin with. When it comes into contact with our taste buds, like the tongue, it can put into action a panic throat gag reflex action that can cause you to vomit! (Modafinil)

When individuals suffer from this, they have their own unscientific ways of overcoming it- 

  1. They put the medicine in some food item and swallow the food item, thereby eating the medicine. 
  2. They use soft drinks, juices, and even energy drinks to swallow as water is not able to drown the taste or smell. 
  3. They cut the medicine, or chew it simply because they will not be able to swallow the size comfortably. 

These are huge mistakes that should be avoided at all costs. Not only do they compromise on the efficacy of the medicine, but they can also lead to some serious side effects as well. 

What is a Swallowing Gel and how does it work?

Swallowing gels are medication lubricants that allow you to easily swallow your medications. In fact, people of all ages- seniors, children, and young adults can take help from swallowing gels to overcome their medication troubles. 

The following are some important points that you need to know about medication swallowing gels- 

  1. 100% Natural– Most of the leading and reputed brands have swallowing gels that are 100% natural. This means that there are no possible side effects from using them at all. 
  2. Zero Interference– Swallowing gels do not interact with the medicine in any way to alter its efficacy. This means that you can rest assured that the medication will act. 
  3. Masks Inadequacies– We mentioned how swallowing gels can completely mask the bad smells, and lingering after-taste. This is why they are so suitable to be given to children. 
  4. Allergen-Free– Some of us that might suffer from routine allergies should note that swallowing gels are tested stringently to guard against all possible allergens. 
  5. Registered Medicine– According to leading experts at Gloupme, swallowing gels are classified as Class 1 Registered Medical Devices that can be used on patients. 

The best way to use a swallowing gel would be to open the cap, release a small percentage of the gel into a spoon and bury the medicine in it. Now you simply need to open your mouth and eat the same. Since this is in the form of a gel, it makes it easier to slide down the throat and reach your stomach comfortably. You do not get any vomiting tendencies or nausea post that. 

The Bottom Line

If you are suffering from a medication intake problem, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be using a swallowing gel. They are cheap, effective, and can allow you to become healthier by taking medicines in the right manner possible. If you have any possible questions on swallowing gels that you would like us to address, please let us know in the comments below. 


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