Exercises to Avoid with Degenerative Disk Disease

Exercise to avoid with Degenerative Disk Disease

Degenerative Disk Disease is a medical condition that occurs with the normal ageing process. It happens because of the loss of function of one or more intervertebral discs of the spine. This condition is responsible for pain and discomfort in the human body. To cure spine injuries, doctors sometimes suggest performing workouts. But when you are suffering from this disease, you must stay cautious about not performing certain pushups as they can harm you. So, let’s discuss what are some exercises to avoid with degenerative disk disease.

Exercises to Avoid with Degenerative Disk Disease- 5 Exercises

Degenerative Disk Disease is a medical condition that often calls for dietary and lifestyle changes. Performing some exercises can even increase your pain, therefore, we should not perform certain physical activities mentioned below.

1) High Impact Exercises


Exercises to avoid with Degenerative Disk Disease

During this medical condition, you must not perform High Impact Exercises. Some of these exercises include running, jumping, and hiking, etc. These exercises can worsen the disk condition by causing excessive pressure on it.  For example, running can adversely impact disks by exerting pressure on your intervertebral discs. If this impact continues repetitively, it can lead to a damage in Degenerative disc disease. Some other high-impact exercises like trampoline, Jumping Rock, Step-Aerobics should be avoided immediately.

2) Heavy Weight-Lifting

Exercises to avoid with Degenerative Disk Disease

Another physical activity that can worsen the impact of Degenerative Disk Disease is heavy-weight lifting. When you have an improper form of heavy-weight lifting, it can put excessive pressure on your spine and enhance the problem of Degenerative Disc Disease. You must avoid squats, deadlifts, and other such exercises. Instead of it, you must find alternatives of heavy-weight lifting exercises. You can count on light exercises that are spine-friendly. Heavy lifting is not safe especially when you are suffering from a lower back pain. So, you should avoid it as one of the exercises to avoid with Degenerative Disk Disease.

3) Sit-ups and Crunches

Exercises to Avoid with Degenerative Disk Disease


If you have Degenerative disk disease, you must avoid sit-ups and crunches as it can enhance the lower-back pain and further worsen the condition. This is because performing traditional sit-ups and crunches is responsible for lower-back pain. Instead of performing these exercises, you should opt for some light exercises like plank, and bridges.

4) Avoid playing Tennis

Exercises to avoid with Degenerative Disk Disease

Some folks love to play Tennis because it ensures an all-round body movement of your different body parts. But mind it, it can increase the risk of hampering your disk and therefore, it is not good when you are going through the condition of Degenerative Disk Disease. The backward bending movements involved in playing Tennis can cause an extreme harm to you all. This is one of the physical exercises to avoid with Degenerative Disk Disease.

5) Avoid Walking Too Upright

Avoid too upright walking

If you have Degenerative Disk Disease, you must stop walking too upright. Because it can worsen your pain. Walking too upright will put too much strain on your back, and therefore,  avoid such an uncomfortable posture at the time of walking. Such a posture will lead to unnecessary complications whenever you go through such critical conditions.

We have seen a couple of exercises to avoid with Degenerative disk disease. Only a few people know that exercises can play a major role in this disease in both worsening the symptoms and ameliorating the condition.

 Tips Regarding Exercises to Perform for Degenerative Disk Disease

The interplay of various exercises can also have a positive or negative impact on this disease. Whereas some exercises must be avoided at this time, others can be a boon to alleviate the pain happening from this disease. Check out some of the exercises.

1) Include Stretching-Based Exercises

Perform stretching based exercise

You must include stretching-based exercises in your routine if you want to reduce the ill-effect of Degenerative Disc Disease. For example, incorporating yoga, and pelvic can be included for the best results. You can also include knee-stretch exercises for reducing the pain and discomfort in Degenerative disk disease. 

2) Stationery Exercise Biking

Stationery biking exercise

You can perform some exercises like stationery exercise biking. Stationery biking is gentle on spine as compared to the exercises like running and jogging. It is very much helpful in reducing back pain in individuals, therefore, it helps in reducing the symptoms of Degenerative Disk Disease.

3) Practice Back Extension

Back Extension

If you are dealing with the condition of disk generative disease, you must practice back extension. It will help you to deal with chronic back pain and you will feel comfortable.

4) Lower Trunk Rotation Exercises

 Lowe Trunk Rotations

You can reduce the pain in Degenerative disc disease by performing lower trunk rotation exercises It will help improve the flexibility, rotational moments, and range of motion. Thus, this exercise will help in ameliorating your condition.

Additional tips When Performing Disk Degenerative Exercises

Doing exercises or avoiding exercises in Disk Degenerative disk disease is an important step that requires attention. Here are some suggestions to incorporate when you perform these exercises.

1) Consult with Physiotherapist 

You should consult a physiotherapist when performing these exercises. They will guide you regarding which exercises are suitable for you when undergoing this condition. Follow the suggestions and work accordingly.

2) Warm up

Ensure to warm up whenever you begin any exercise. This will help you in preparing your body for doing exercise for a prescribed time.

3) Avoid Putting Strain on Spine

You must avoid putting any strain on the spine when performing Disk generative spine. Doing simple exercises can make you feel comfortable and get rid of the back pain.

4) Choose Prescribed Range of Motion

You can perform exercises in a prescribe range of motion. If you feel any pain while doing these physical activities, it is a warning sign that you must stop doing these motions immediately.

In the Nutshell

If you want to reduce the impact of Degenerative Disk Disease on your body, you must have a thorough knowledge of exercises to avoid with Degenerative Disk Disease. Apart from this, don’t forget to take the help of a physiotherapist for the suggestions. Also include some lifestyle changes such as leaving smoking, and alcohol to avoid any unnecessary strain on your body during this medical ailment.


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