ED can spoil your life if not taken care

ED can spoil your life if not taken care

Well, everyone knows that any disorder is harmful to our body, some affect us physically while some affect us mentally, while some affect both mentally and physically. But in either of the case, we have to suffer, little or more the intensity may differ. Then comes the life-threatening disorders. These are the ones for which we must take special precautions. The question is in which category does Erectile dysfunction or ED comes? Is it just a normal disorder that can be treated with proper medication or ED can it spoil our life? 

The answer to this question is that ED is a little complex disorder that affects the victim both mentally and physically. But surely it is not as dangerous to take someone’s life. But it is cent per cent true that it can ruin one’s life completely if proper care is not given.

To know how and why of the answer you have to read the entire article. 

Knowing ED and its cause

Many doctors think of ED as not a disease but a medical condition just as fever. There is a reason for it, ED shows he may be a victim of obesity, depression, and diabetes mellitus.

So, one can see that ED is something that has resulted due to all these major diseases. So, when a person is diagnosed with ED there is a very high chance that he is suffering from some greater disorder and his lifestyle is in a mess.

In ED the person is unable to get the required erection necessary for sexual intercourse. Either the erection is nil or the erection occurs but it lasts for a negligible time period.

This can happen due to multiple reasons such as smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, the reaction of other drugs, depression, and disturbed sleep-wake cycle. Any one of these reasons is more than enough to make your happy life a hell.

What happens in ED is that when a man gets sexually excited, a huge influx of blood takes place into the penis. This flow of blood into the penis during stimulation makes it erect. As long as the blood vessels of the penis are filled with blood, it remains erect. 

Similarly, when the blood goes out from the penis its erection gets reduced accordingly. In ED the blood does not flows into the penis during arousal. So, even the person is feeling excited about having a sexual interaction but his penis does not respond to the situation.


Smoking is one of the addictions that have no real satisfaction value and only deterioration value. Regular smokers not make their life hell but also their family members, relatives, colleagues, partner, and children.

Almost all smokers have been ED victims at some point in their life. It is fact that smokers use more ED pills such as Fildena Review, Cenforce, Vidalista 20 review, and Arrowmeds.com.

Smoking affects blood circulation as it introduces carbon monoxide into the body. This extracts the oxygen from the blood which reaches our organs. Thus, the organs cannot work at their full potential. So, the heart does not pump a sufficient amount of blood, this makes the organs in desperate need of blood.

In such a case if someone gets stimulated sufficient amount of blood does not reach the penis leading to an inadequate erection.

Excess consumption of alcohol

Alcohol only affects the person if the limits are exceeded. In small amounts, alcohol is in fact helpful in releasing stress levels, restricts the functions in the brain which puts the person to sleep. Thus, also playing the role of a tranquillizer.

But when consumed in limitless quantities, the nervous system loses control over the organs. This is the reason you would see a drunk person walking randomly in any direction, sleeping on the road, because of the poor coordination between the brain and the organs.

How does ED affect one’s life?

Erectile Dysfunction may seem like a sexual disorder but its by-products are psychological too. Being an ED patient is a lot more different than being a patient with other diseases.

People look at you as if you did something shameful and against society. And the reason why people shy away from talking about ED to parents, friends, and relatives is that nothing fruitful would come out.

Instead of moral support, one would become a matter of laughter for them. This causes the person to become less social and introverted. He does not like parties, family events, or a reunion.

In many cases, the girlfriend or the wives separate after knowing about ED. This hits them hard and amidst all this, they go to the office.

Life becomes an imaginary cage that always haunts them. Patients feel suicidal thoughts, leave their job and lock themselves, blaming themselves all the time.

Few of them even suicide while many go to psychiatrists. During ED the patient needs the support of his loved ones, his spouse, his family to go through the treatment.

Fildena 100 Online, Cenforce Online, Vidalista from Arrowmeds.com will deal with curing ED but to remain stable during that period is dependent on the patient’s close ones.



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