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History of Gambling in India

Indian punters have been interested in gambling since way back — way before you might think. The first mention of gambling dates back to 7300 BC when boards and dice were used to make bets. 

At that time gambling was not considered to be something negative, and any player could place bets freely. 

Over time, the varieties of gambling gradually evolved. From dice, gambling enthusiasts quickly switched to animal fights: first to cockfights, and then to horse racing, which is still popular today. 

Gambling in India Today

With the advent of gambling laws in India, many people started to consider gambling as a taboo and a sin. In the country, it is up to each state to decide whether it will make gambling legal or not. 

That said, online betting cricket is legal and gambling fans can easily bet on their favorite sports such as cricket, equestrian, soccer and others. 

Today, online gambling is very widespread all over the world, including India. This is partly due to digitalization and the advent of mobile apps that allow players to access betting platforms and easily place a bet within minutes. 

Why Is Online Gambling So Popular?

Every year, more and more people in India join the existing gambling fans and dive into the exciting process of online gambling. 

Due to the laws in place in India, standard casinos are not allowed in all states of the country. It is for this reason that people have to look for alternative options. And this is exactly what online gambling is, being allowed in most states. 

Online gambling has become so popular in a short time for several reasons.


With the advent of online betting platforms, players now have the opportunity to bet remotely, even from the comfort of their homes. All they need is a computer or a cell phone. Moreover, a bet can be placed on an online platform in just a couple of minutes.


On online betting platforms, even players with the most specific preferences can find a suitable pastime. Perhaps the goal of every betting platform is to attract as many customers as possible, and this can first and foremost be done by offering them as many different features and games for all tastes as possible. 

Special Offers

Online betting platforms, as already mentioned, emphasize a variety of features during the game. One such feature that distinguishes online sites from regular casinos is the special offers and promotions available on betting sites. These usually allow the player to place a couple of trial bets without spending a lot of money. 

What Sports Do Indian Players Like?

Most betting platforms have several categories on which you can bet: casinos, slots, sports betting and so on. Of course, this is done to interest as many potential players as possible to try their forces on this particular platform. 

That said, most gambling fans in India have a definite preference for sports betting. Hindus have always been interested in sports and sporting events (as the history of gambling development shows), so bookmakers firstly find the most unusual and unique events (darts, chess, skateboarding and so on), and secondly, they try to offer their customers as many tournaments and competitions from around the world in the most popular sports in the country. 

Check out the list below to find out which sports Indian gambling enthusiasts like the most:


It is no secret that cricket is one of the most popular sports in India. Almost all Indians are interested in cricket: kids who play it and adults who watch cricket tournaments. On betting platforms, cricket fans can bet on both men’s and women’s matches. Also, undoubtedly, on Indian online betting platforms, many players will be able to find some local cricket tournaments. 

In fact, because of its popularity, bettors are more likely to place 1-2 bets on a cricket match. Nevertheless, there are still many fans of the sport who will not miss a single tournament for anything. 

Cricket is a great option for betting, as this sport is suitable for betting before the match and live wagers. In the case of cricket, players often bet on the outcome of the game, their favourite team or their favourite player. 


Though cricket is the most popular sport in India, football is not far behind – which is not surprising, since football is the most popular sport in the world as a whole. 

Most football fans in India bet on the world championships, such as the Premier League, the World Cup and the Europa League. However, along with this, Indian fans of local football clubs can also find them on many betting sites!

In India, football fans usually bet on the overall outcome of the game, on the winning team as well as on the players who will score the goals. 

Horse Racing

Horse racing is exactly one of those sports that have been popular in India for betting since the earliest times. That is why it is no wonder that it holds such a high position among the most popular sports. 

In India, there are five horse races of the classic format, which are some of the most popular events to bet on. These competitions are held every year in December. In addition, horse racing fans can also bet on events from around the world. 

All in all, if you want to start betting on horse racing, you can expect to not get bored throughout the year – there are plenty of horse racing tournaments around the world, and almost all of them take place at different times. 


eSports is undoubtedly another sport that is common around the world. This category currently has the fastest-growing fan base that is willing to bet on their favourite games. Based on the current demand for eSports, bookmakers are trying to offer as many gaming tournaments as possible. 

The most popular types of games at the moment include Dota 2, League of Legends, Valorant, Warcraft, Counter-Strike, Fortnite and others. Bettors allow you to bet on different leagues with a variety of odds. Moreover, while betting on eSports you can predict not only the outcome of a single match but also the whole tournament. 


The final in the list of the most popular sports in India is tennis. Tennis is a sport that is popular all over the world. It is popular for making bets on because tennis tournaments are held throughout the year, so fans will certainly not find time to get bored. Also for some players, betting on 1 on 1 tournaments is more interesting than on team competitions.

Indian bettors are most interested in international tournaments such as Wimbledon, US Open, Davis Cup and so on. 

The Future of Online Betting Cricket

India has a population of almost 1.4 billion people, 600 million of whom are regular Internet users. This makes the Indian market very attractive to gambling investors and gives great hope for the further development of the online gambling niche. 

According to some reports, the gambling industry in India will grow by 41% by 2024. People are noticing the many benefits of online gambling and just can’t get past it! In such a competitive market, the gambling companies that provide their services try to give their customers only the best and most advanced features in the market and allow them to bet on diverse and unusual events. 

In addition, India’s young population is making a significant contribution to the growth of gambling. This is partly because today every online betting platform offers its customers to bet on eSports, which is exactly what young people are most interested in. This, once again, comes to show how gambling platforms let their customers “combine business with pleasure” by having them place bets on the events they are most interested in. 


Thus, online gambling in India has a long and quite interesting history. In this country, there are some barriers related to the legality of gambling, however, these barriers are easily circumvented thanks to the availability of online betting platforms and mobile applications, which every year gain more and more users. 

Regarding sports that are popular in India, bettors here most often bet on cricket, soccer, horse racing, eSports and tennis. 


  • How do I deposit money into my account?

The process of depositing money into your betting account, regardless of the platform, takes very little time due to the use of modern information technology. It consists of the following steps:

  1. Go to the bookmaker’s official website or the official mobile app;
  2. Login to your game account;
  3. In your account, select the “Deposit” box;
  4. Here, enter all the details you need: the payment method, the amount you want to transfer and other details;
  5. Confirm the procedure of the transaction;
  6. Wait for account replenishment. This usually happens instantly. 
  • Should I download a mobile app for betting?

If you have already found the betting platform that suits you best and are ready to commit to it, consider downloading a mobile app! It will allow you to make bets at any convenient time, follow the current games with ease and even get exclusive bonuses and special offers that are available only for users of mobile applications!

  • How can I bet safely in India?

Keep in mind that online betting is completely legal in India, but only if you place your bets on legitimate betting platforms. Before choosing a particular online betting platform, make sure it has a valid license and be sure to read online reviews of that platform from real players! There are many scammers in the gambling industry at the moment and they can easily ruin your entire gambling experience. 

  • Are online casinos legal in India?

Gambling fans in India are not allowed to bet in standard casinos because it is illegal. Nevertheless, online gambling is legal in the country and Indian online casinos have just as many fans. 

At online casinos, you have the opportunity to play almost all games, as operators offer a large number of slot machines, such as casino-live, electronic games, table games, bingo and so on.


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