Adjustable Dumbbells: Things to Consider When Choosing for Home Gym

adjustable dumbbells

Having a home gym is an excellent alternative to commercial workout areas for several reasons. First, it fits your daily life. Next, you don’t have to plan your workout sessions following the gym’s working hours or location. And third, that most home gym fans always point out – you work out in an environment you enjoy and feel comfortable. Tips to consider adjustable dumbbells.

A traditional dumbbell is a must workout accessory for every home gym. But you probably need many of them as each of them to carry pre-set weights. You can’t do the same exercise over and over with the same weight – there will be no progress in your strength and stamina. The level of your workout sessions must go up once in a while, and that’s possible only with raised weights in your exercise routine.

That’s how gym equipment brands came up with adjustable dumbbells that combine different weights in a single device. These devices allow the user to swap between different plates attached to the handle, resulting in various weight increments.

Dumbbells Types

Beginners in exercise often have prejudices against weight training. One of them is that they can’t lose excess pounds if they lift. The second is that dumbbells are only useful in upper body exercises since they hold them in hands.

Neither is true, especially not the second assumption. Adjustable dumbbells offer a wide range of exercises for the whole body. But, you need to think about several types of these devices according to your fitness goals.

If you want to lose weight and tighten the whole body, get block dumbbells with adjustable plates. You can use them for doing push-ups (holding the handle while blockheads are on the floor) or even plank.

Round plates are great for the upper body, although they can be used for whole-body exercises (for example, you can do lunges or squats with them). Mini dumbbells, with small weight increments, are suitable for exercisers who want to tighten their chest and arms, and at the same time, strengthen their shoulders and back.

Adjustable Dumbbells: Look for High-Quality Materials

Like any adjustable workout device, dumbbells with weight increments have many purposes. Exercisers of different training levels can use them. They are also great for those who gradually increase the load level to reach the desired fitness goal. These devices can last quite a long time, especially if they are made of durable materials providing comfort to exercisers.

If you think of buying adjustable dumbbells on a budget, you will find a wide range of plastic and metal models. But as they are cheap, they don’t offer too much. If the plates or handles are made of these materials, there is a good chance that they will fall apart or loosen over time. That just doesn’t sound safe, especially while performing weightlifting over your head.

The best choices are adjustable dumbbells made of cast iron or chrome-plated steel. They are very durable and scratch-resistant but can rust over time. That can be inconvenient for plate switching out. At this link, you can find out how to solve this problem. Some manufacturers make models coated with rubber or thin plastic, which are quieter than any steel devices.

Ease of Use With Adjustable Dumbbells

Even though you need adjustable weights for a home workout (meaning you have all the time you need), they still have to be easy to use. You should be able to switch plates in a matter of seconds, without much hassle. There are even models with a dial, which helps you select the weight. But these are costly, and not a must for a home gym.

Don’t forget the importance of safety mechanisms, because you certainly don’t want the plates to slip during exercise and damage the floor or hurt you. These are mechanisms like collars or lockable dials. Also, dumbbells should have fasteners between the plates to hold them in place.

Look for Experience of Others

After considering all of the above, it’s a good idea to get more information about adjustable dumbbells from exercisers who use them. Suppose you don’t have anyone near you to share their workout experiences. In that case, you can always read online reviews, especially on e-commerce sites that sell sports equipment.

Users may draw attention to some flaws of adjustable dumbbells, such as slippery handles or sliding plates. You might run onto some useful suggestions too. Also, you can find some general tips, such as maintaining these devices and equipping a home gym, or which the most effective exercises with weights are.

Check the page below for some tips on building an exercise area in your home:

Think of Budget

Adjustable dumbbells cost more than traditional ones, but you can find them in all price ranges, depending on the material, quality of production, brand name, and so on. But you can find a pair of regular heavy blockheads that cost as much as a pair of adjustable dumbbells. The structure and durability of the regular weights are much more substantial, but adjustable weights offer you better value for many due to the diversity of exercises you can do with them.

Daily exercising will benefit you in many ways. The adjustable dumbbells are the right way of covering the weight exercises you need for every group of muscles. Whether you’re working on legs, gluteus, abdomen, or arms, this accessory is an excellent purchase for your home gym, as it can be used in many ways.


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