9 Things You Can Do Today To Make Your Life Greener

Make Your Life Greener

You might not always think about the impact of your actions on the environment. But if you’re like most people, then every day you make choices that affect the environment. These decisions can add up and help us move towards a greener world while also benefiting your health and wallet!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of what needs to be done in order for our world to be green again – but it doesn’t have to be so hard! With these 9 simple tips, you can start making a positive difference today.

Use zero waste washing solutions

One way that you can make your life a whole lot greener is by making a decision to use zero-waste laundry detergent. Nothing is more essential than the environment, and the beauty it offers us. Things like eco friendly cleaning are not new but are largely underutilized. One way to help save our planet is by not using any of those toxic chemical-filled detergents on your clothes. The beauty of it all is that there are many other convenient and natural alternatives out there for us to use today.

In fact, you can make your own zero waste laundry detergent at home by using items that are much more sustainable for you, and the environment. For example, if you have some baking soda in your cabinet already, then all you have to do is add some to a grated bar of soap or use it in place of soap altogether when washing your clothes. That way you avoid wasting those chemicals and causing harm to the environment.

Change your car driving habits

One of the best ways to reduce our impact on the Earth is changing how we get around. Things like carpooling and driving less will help you save gas and money, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. When you can’t avoid driving, try taking these five steps:

  • Keep tires inflated for maximum fuel efficiency
  • Stay out of the fast lane unless your speed matches that of traffic in that lane
  • When possible, walk or bike instead of driving
  • Use public transportation whenever possible
  • When all else fails, carpool or use a car share service

Pay attention to your appliances

Appliances are often the source of phantom electricity suckers that run even when you’re not using them. One serving as an example is computers and TVs left on standby mode, this can account for more than 40% of household electricity use. It’s time to go green and clean up the power by making sure you’re powering off all electronics when they’re not in use, unplugging things that aren’t being used, and switching your appliances to the right setting when it’s appropriate.

Even though you may not be able to do everything on the list, remember that every little bit helps. 

Look for more efficient products

Many companies are taking extra steps to offer greener options on their energy-sucking machines. From high-efficiency washers, dryers, and dishwashers to fridges and air conditioners – looking for a higher Energy Star rating makes a huge difference over its lifetime. You should also try to use cold water in your laundry when possible, eliminating the need for energy-sucking hot washes.

Solar power is the way to go

There’s nothing better than having your own personal source of energy that comes from the sun. Solar panels cost much more than other forms of energy, but in five or six years they can pay for themselves if you’re able to take advantage of government incentives. Plus, your electricity bill can go down up to 80%. However, if you don’t have the patience or the funds for solar panels, you can still try out solar chargers for all your electronic gadgets.

Incorporate more reusable products

Less disposable plastics and paper products in your life will help the Earth a ton. Try using a reusable water bottle instead of buying one every time you’re thirsty, bring a reusable bag to the store so you can ditch all the plastic ones you have sitting in your closet, or switch to reusable clothes hangers to save on paper waste. Try to buy products made from recycled content or sustainable materials that can be reused, like wood products or products made out of corn.

Plant a tree or garden

Nothing beats giving back to the Earth by watching plants grow from tiny seeds into beautiful trees that shade us from the sun’s rays. Planting a small vegetable garden is another great idea that helps you lower your food bill while also producing fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs! There are lots of eco-friendly gardening tips out there that can teach you how to take good care of your plants and the environment.

Go green in the kitchen

You can save water, energy, and money by cooking with more environmentally friendly appliances like dishwashers, microwaves, and stoves. Cooking with a stovetop or oven instead of frying foods is another great idea that will help lower your electricity bill while still keeping things tasty! Also, recycling cooking oil into bio-diesel is a good way to reuse it and help the planet. There are cars out there that can run 100% off bio-diesel made from cooking oil.

Make sure you recycle

Recycle everything you can! Even if you don’t think it can be recycled, do some research to make sure before throwing it in the trash. Keep old newspapers and magazines for crafting, remove the lids from jars to turn them into vases, even use old milk jugs as makeshift watering cans. You can also donate clothes that are in good condition to places like Goodwill or Salvation Army (check with your local stores to see which items they accept).


Becoming more green and sustainable is something we all want to do, but it’s not always easy. Luckily, there are many small changes you can make in your day-to-day life that will help the environment without making a huge dent in your time or budget. If you’re looking for ways to become greener today, just start with the advice given in this article! Even if you only take one of these steps towards sustainability, you’ll be doing your part to reduce waste and help keep this planet healthy.



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