8 Tips to Bring More Light Into a Home

More Light Into Home

Have you ever noticed how a dark shadowy home tends to make you sleepy and even a bit sad. That’s because people feel more energized, awake, and better when natural light filters into the house. It’s why most people consider natural light an important element to a home when they are in the market to buy. In this article, you will get to know how to bring more light into a home.

Most buyers list natural light as an important consideration when buying a home. Recent studies show that daylight is linked to improved health and a better mood. As far as aesthetics go, natural light can make a room lighter, brighter and add a feeling of more space. If you want to add natural light to your home, here are eight tips to help you make the most of your natural lighting.

Use White Paint

Using shades of white will make your space seem larger, and it will reflect the natural light that already comes into the house. Avoid using brilliant white as it can make the home feel a bit cold, but there are some nice warmer shades of white or ivory.

Another option to make the area feel bigger is to paint the ceiling a lighter shade of white than the walls. This painting technique can give a room height and make it seem lighter. A satin finish also helps reflect light more than a matt finish.

Add Shiny Surfaces

Use modern stainless steel appliances and surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms as these reflect light and bring it into the room, making it look brighter, and it gives the viewer the illusion of more space.

Use Mirrors

Large mirrors can reflect light and bring it back into a room. For example, place a mirror opposite a window to create more light and reflect the outdoor garden’s views.

Another trick is to place a mirror next to a window as it will seem like it is another window and will bring in more light.

Replace Old Doors With Glass Doors

Replace entry doors with glass-hinged doors or use one of the new French barn doors to add more space between rooms. These types of doors don’t use too much space and bring light into the entire house. If you worry about privacy, you can use frosted or obscure glass panes in the door.

Add Glass Panels

Add skylights, sidelights, and glass panels to brighten darker interiors and use available wall and ceiling space. This can be a great idea for open space rooms like home gyms as it will help maximize the light coming in.

Note, make sure these lights do not bring direct sunlight into sitting or sleeping areas if your geographic location experiences high temperatures and sun exposure issues.

Install Larger Windows

It may be time to upgrade those small windows to larger ones and improve the amount of natural light you get in the home. Ask a contractor to come and inspect your walls to see if you can install floor-to-ceiling windows. Be sure that this window style goes well with your home style, and you also want to consider stairways and hallways.

Widen a Doorway

Look at your home to see if you can open doorways to allow more light in. For example, a wide entry door can make a great first impression and give you more light in the entryway. Instead, use a door that offers glass but also gives you privacy. (Xanax)

Take Out Unnecessary Walls

Open up your home by creating an open plan and allowing natural light to come into the home. Next, look at the house plan to see how you could eliminate a wall to make the area brighter. Be sure to consult with a certified contractor before you take this step.

Key Takeaways

There are several things you can do to brighten up a home. Some of these processes are slightly more expensive than others and will require bringing in a construction crew. However, you want to consider all factors because adding more light, opening up a floor plan, or replacing old windows and doors will also add more value to your home and make it more marketable when you do decide to sell.


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